2008 Continental Youth Championships

2008 Continental Youth Championships

Philadelphia, PA

July 24-27

Upon being selected in 2006 as the Host City for this year’s CYC, the Philadelphia Youth Board submitted RFP’s to the Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia and four other surrounding counties (Delaware, Chester, Bucks & Montgomery). After a review of the proposals received, the facilities available, and the local hotels within specified travel time between those facilities, Chester County was best suited to assist in fulfilling the requirements needed to host a successful CYC. As this is no small feat, we are grateful to Greg Edevane of the Chester County Chamber of Commerce for his hard work to date in assisting the Host Committee.Parade: Our approach this year is quite different than in prior years. As most children and adults enjoy a good parade, we are going to organize the best one for you yet. This year’s parade will be held on the Thursday evening as a kick-off to the tournament. It will be held in the town of West Chester! Yes, they are closing down part of the town for our tournament participants. The parade will include not only your children but local pipe bands and supporting organizations. The children will be reviewed at the Grandstand, so come prepared to represent. International Radio, National TV affiliates, and local media will be on-hand to cover this important event. Following the parade, the streets will remain closed and the crowd will be wowed for several hours by the talents of our own “Paddy’s Well” (http://www.paddyswell.com/). As many of the local businesses (Starbucks, Peace-a-Pizza, Kildares, etc.) are Irish-owned, you are sure to receive a warm welcome. You will also have the opportunity to have dinner or a beverage if you just arrived in town, or to simply relax before the big opening day! Children will also be entertained by festive clowns, or can make themselves look like one (face-painting), etc. We will also raffle great prizes for both you and the children. (The only hint I can provide to you the adult as I’ve been sworn to secrecy is humor is key.) You will be disappointed if you miss these prizes. *** Please note, as in prior years, players must register on the Thursday evening prior to the tournament. A tent will be set up at the parade and all children should register before returning to their hotel. More information on the parade and festivities, and a map of the town’s parade route will be forwarded in the near future.
Location: The tournament will be held at the Greater Chester Valley Soccer Association (http://www.gcvsa.org/) on Line Road in Malvern, PA. The soccer facility currently accommodates 14 full sized soccer fields. Our Field Committee is working diligently to prepare 10 Gaelic fields (an increase of 3 fields from prior years), which we hope will assist the CYC Steering Committee with game scheduling and allow for earlier departure each evening from the field. This not only gives players additional time to rest, but allows more time for the social aspect of our organization, visits to local attractions, etc. To all of our animal lovers, please note, pets are not allowed at this facility. In other words, no animal with more than two legs may be brought to the fields.

Please note if reviewing the map on the Soccer Association’s website, parking is available for 1,000 cars approximately 300 yards west of the fields, and the fields are accessible from the parking facility. More information on field preparations, and a map of the layout of fields and vendors will be provided in the near future.


– We are currently working with 17 hotels so that we can best accommodate the various needs and number of expected travelers from each Club.
– Approximate travel time between all hotels and fields is 15 minutes.
– Requests for rooms must be received by the Hotel Committee by March 23.
– Rooming Lists must be received by the Hotel Committee by March 31
– Hotel Information, booking code, etc. will then be provided to the Clubs.
– Clubs must then secure their rooms by June 1.
– Rooms are not available for booking at the Host hotel.
– Hotels have agreed to honor the tournament rate for days booked prior to and after the scheduled tournament dates.
– Of the 17 hotels, 14 have pools. Some indoor, some outdoor and some both.
– Several hotels offer Suite accommodations, one, two, three and four bedrooms
– Hotels will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis
On a serious note, our goal is for each Club to be satisfied with their accommodations prior to travel and during their stay here. Should you have any questions or concerns at any time, please contact me at CYCHotels@verizon.net or 610.570.4374.
Registration – Information will be forwarded shortly from the CYC Steering Committee Secretary, Mary Ruane, regarding this year’s registration form and procedures. All questions regarding registration should be directed to Ruane6@aol.com.

Admission Fee – There will be no change to the procedure followed in prior years. A $10 admission fee will be charged per adult (including coaches) 18 years and older on Saturday, July 26 ONLY. There will be no admission fee on Friday, July 25 or Sunday, July 27.

Website – Please look for updates on the CYC website shortly at http://www.irishcyc.org/

Transportation, Concessions Menu & Pricing, Add Book & Sponsorship Information, CYC Photographer & Videographer and other Vendor Information – Coming soon!


U8, U10 & U12:

  • Size 4 football.
  • All kick-outs off the hand from the 14-yard line.
  • All 45s are off the hand.
  • A 14-yard free is awarded in place of a penalty.


  • Size 4 football.
  • All kick-outs off the hand from within the small square.
  • All 45s are taken off the ground.
  • Penalties allowed.
  • No substitution allowed if a player is ejected.

U16 & U18:

  • Follow the same rules as adults.
  • No substitution allowed if a player is ejected.

All age groups:

  • Square ball rule is in effect for all age.
  • Unlimited substitutions for all games.
  • Referee at his discretion may order a player to take a five-minute cooling off period. Substitutions may be allowed during this time.
  • In case of a minor injury, the injured player will be attended to on the sideline.
  • Referee must ensure that the game ends on schedule.
  • In case of a draw in the semi-finals or finals, one ten-minute period of extra time will be played. A coin toss will determine which way the teams will play. If at the end of extra time a draw still exists, the extra time will continue until one team registers a score.
  • Yellow & Red Cards the following rules apply:
  • 2 yellow cards: player is out for the remainder of the game
  • 1 red card:
  • If given for verbal abuse: player is out for next game.
  • If given for physical abuse: player is out for two game minimum
    (pending a hearing it could be more).

Hotel Information
Hello to all of our friends who will be traveling to the Continental Youth Championships this Summer. We are very excited to be your Host. It is our goal to make both your and your children’s visit to Philadelphia a memorable and enjoyable trip!

It is my pleasure to assist you with this year’s hotel bookings for your club. My contact information is below, so please feel free to email or call me at your convenience should you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, special needs, etc. prior to, during or after your booking. I will do my very best to try and accommodate each Club. We are currently working with 17 local hotels due to the number of rooms that are required for this year’s tournament and to accommodate the various club needs. Hint, Hint – The sooner you reply the likelier you are to get your preferred accommodation. (Eg. Is it important that your Club stay at the same hotel?) Please note the Host hotel is not available for bookings.

Step 1 – Please complete the attached Hotel/Transportation questionnaire, by completing the information by your Club’s name and return to me via email at CYCHotels@verizon.net by March 23. Be sure to complete in its entirety so that we can best accommodate your needs and have welcome packages available for all children in your Club.

Step 2 – Please complete the attached Rooming list and return to me via email at CYCHotels@verizon.net by March 31. ** You will then receive your assigned hotel, instructions for contacting the hotel, and booking pass code. You may then begin securing your rooms. **

Step 3 – Hotel booking deadline – June 1. We must work together to have all rooms needed by your Club booked by this date or they will be released.

Having taken on this task for my own Club over the past 10 years, I am very familiar with the issues that arise, the difficulty in ascertaining the exact number of rooms needed, the delayed responses from members, etc. If necessary, please estimate the number of rooms needed, but by no more than 10.

I have also attached for your review, additional hotel and exciting tournament information. Please remember, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact us at any time. I look forward to working with you this year!


Please keep in mind that only your club’s hotel coordinator/contact person may reserve the hotel rooms. Please be prepared to give your club’s hotel coordinator/contact person the following information:

Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
Number of people in room
Date of arrival
Date of departure
This will make the bookings easier for the hotel. No one is allowed to book rooms individually. If you have any questions regarding hotels, please contact Anna Bonner via e-mail at: CYCHotels@verizon.net.

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