In an historic collaboration, the Camogie Association and Ladies Gaelic Football Association have joined forces with SHE Research at TUS to introduce pioneering resources aimed at supporting and empowering female athletes in Camogie and Ladies’ Gaelic Football.

These resources, developed through rigorous research and expert collaboration, address the unique needs and experiences of young female athletes participating in Gaelic games. Recognising the importance of fostering health literacy and communication around sex-specific experiences, the initiative aims to enhance the well-being and performance of female athletes.


Understanding the Landscape

Camogie and Ladies Gaelic Football stand as the most popular team sports for young females across Ireland. However, participation tends to decline as females transition from adolescence into adulthood. The Gaelic Games Youth Participation Study highlights that the enduring appeal of Gaelic Games lies in factors such as competitiveness, camaraderie with friends, and proficiency in the sport.


Meeting Unique Challenges

Female athletes in Gaelic games encounter sex-specific experiences, including menstrual cycles, hormonal contraceptive use, and breast development, which can impact their participation, enjoyment, and performance in the game. For instance, a significant proportion of intercounty players report the menstrual cycle affecting their performance.


Addressing the Need

Responding to these challenges, the collaborative effort between the Camogie Association, Ladies Gaelic Football Association, and SHE Research aims to bridge the gap in health literacy and communication. The resources prioritise providing fundamental knowledge about female physiology, focusing on health and participation, and offer guidance for athletes, parents/guardians, and coaches.


A Call to Action

The launch of these resources signals a commitment to supporting the holistic well-being of female athletes in Camogie and Ladies’ Gaelic Football. They encourage open dialogue, education, and support networks within clubs and communities, fostering an environment where every athlete can thrive.



The aim of this educational initiative is to improve health literacy around sex specific experiences for females who play Camogie and Ladies’ Gaelic Football.

Resources should be used with the following considerations:

  • Athletes, parents/guardians and coaches should prioritise learning about female health to increase knowledge and skills to promote and maintain good health.
  • Young female athletes should be supported to talk about their experience of the menstrual cycle, hormonal contraception and breast health etc. especially if it is impacting on their health or ability to train or perform.
  • Clubs/counties can consider having a designated person to support athletes around female health.
  • Menstrual cycle tracking should begin with each athlete understanding their own experience of the menstrual cycle.
  • Specific guidance around adaptations to training based on the menstrual cycle/hormonal contraceptive use should only be delivered by a qualified sports science practitioner and are beyond the scope of this resource.
  • Additional educational supports for athletes, parents/guardians and coaches will be available through SHE Research, the Camogie Association and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association.



Resources Available – Click on each link


For further support and resources, please visit SHE ( or contact Eilish Ward, Head of Player Development on

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