Mol an Óige! 25 student teachers complete first ever pilot #GAA5Star Centre Leadership Award at St Patrick’s, DCU

THE Ladies Gaelic Football Association is pleased to partner with the GAA 5 Star Centre Initiative for primary schools.

Our Primary Schools and Teachers play a pivotal role in the promotion and development of physical literacy and Gaelic Games.

A huge congratulations to the 25 students who successfully completed the GAA 5Star centre Leadership pilot.

They participated in 4 workshops led by GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association personnel:

Have a Ball– series of fun-based exercises to the develop children’s fundamental movement skills

Fun & Run– an inclusive fun game suitable for all age and ability levels

Camán & Play– Hurling/Camogie workshop

Catch & Kick, Skill Challenges and Go Games – GAA/LGFA games and fun activities run by LGFA National Development Officer William Harmon.

The GAA 5 Star Centre initiative aims to ensure that every child gets 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week.

All of these activities are games-based, player-centred and learner-led. Through the activities, the children can become confident and competent participants in physical activity.

Research conducted by a team from Dublin City University reported that, after a six-week intervention, there was an overall increase of 7.3% in children’s fundamental movement skill ability.

We are inviting primary school teachers and principals to express their interest in this initiative by following the link below. This registration is open between now and July.

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