Aisling McGing Memorial Championship 2009

Aisling McGing Memorial Championship 2009
Round 1: 05/04/2009
Dublin (h) v Cork
Galway (h) v Kildare
Bye (h) v Mayo
Round 2: 26/04/2009
Cork (h) v Mayo
Bye (h) v Galway
Kildare (h) v Dublin
Round 3: 10/05/2009
Dublin (h) v Bye
Cork (h) v Kildare
Mayo (h) v Galway
Round 4: 24/05/2009
Mayo (h) v Dublin
Galway (h) v Cork
Bye (h) v Kildare
Round 5: 12/07/2009
Dublin (h) v Galway
Kildare (h) v Mayo
Cork (h) v Bye
Additional dates:
26/07/2009 Play Off’s
16/08/2009 Semi Finals
29/08/2009 or 05/09/2009 Final** will be verified in due course.
Guidelines: The competition is organised as a league championship three points for a win, one for a draw.

Should Counties retire during the course of the championship at the league stage, its played games shall stand and its un-played games shall be awarded to the opposing County’s. (R. 341)

The top four teams will qualify to play in the semi final, 1 v 4 : 2 v 3.

First and second placed teams will be home for the semi final.

Extra time to be played in the semi final(s).

Where teams finish with equal points for the qualification stage of the championship the tie shall be decided by the following means and in this specified order:
(1) Where two teams are level on top of a group the outcome of the meeting of the two teams in the previous game in the competition will determine who tops the group.
(2) If three teams are level a draw will take place the first team drawn will be deemed first placed while the two remaining teams left will play off to determine second and third place.

Home: Meath, Mayo, Kildare
Away: Dublin, Galway

Home: Cork, Galway, Meath
Away: Kildare, Mayo

Home: Kildare, Cork
Away: Dublin, Meath, Mayo

Home: Mayo, Dublin, Meath
Away: Galway, Cork

Home: Mayo, Galway, Kildare
Away: Cork, Dublin

Home: Galway, Dublin
Away: Meath, Kildare, Cork

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