American expert warns people about drugs in sport


expert warns about the dangers of drugs in sport.
By Fr. Liam Kelleher

There was not a spare seat in the house, as
a capacity audience in excess of 200, the
biggest on his tour, listened to American
Nutritionist and fitness expert Jack Medina,
speak at Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork on
Thursday evening last. Those fortunate to
be present were in awe, as he outlined the
dangers of drugs in sport. At a time when
the subject has attracted a great deal of
attention, it was refreshing to learn that
people can get to the very top in the sport
of their choice, without resorting to the
help of harmful drugs.

Jack Medina pictured at Rochestown Park
Hotel, with Dave O’Brien and Fr. Liam Kelleher
who organised the event. Padraig O’Dwyer
who arranged Jack Medina’s visit, John Ring
Fermoy, and Liam Masters and James Smith,
Cashmans Bookmakers who sponsored the event.

who was gymnasitcs coach at 2 Olympics and has
been responsible for the fitness and nutritional
programme for American Football teams such as
the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks,
now travels the world giving help and advice to
thousands of people Sad story Jack told the story
of a little 14 year old girl who died of anorexia,
whom he had met at a Summer Gymnastics class when
she was 10. Jack did not even know she was sick.
”So over this girls graveside I made a promise
to her that I would find out what happened inside
her body. And I started to study nutrition and
exercise physiology, I found out what happened
and I have dedicated the rest of my life to that
little girl. I now travel the world speaking on
“fact and fantasy in Nutrition and Exercise’ Topics:
Some of the topics he spoke about were A balanced
programme that works, the timing of meals, the
key to weight and fat loss, the importance of
protein. Water it’s a miracle, finding the right
fuel balance. The myth about sports drinks, he
told the audience that most of the popular sports
drinks were harmul to the body. Exercise energy
systems. Training systems. What are you training
for? The concept of total fitness, designing an
exercise programme. Resistance and strength training.
Flexibility. Stretching. Treating injuries. What
to eat before, during and after exercise. The
advantage of natural nutrition for peak performance.

Antioxidants vs. Free radicals. High protein drinks
for athletes. Managing stress. Drugs in sport.
The dangers of Creatine which is not on the banned
list. He stated “How would you feel as a parent
if I told your son “go ahead and take Creatine,
the risk involved is minimal’. Then 7 years later
he has cancer of the liver because I didn’t know.
Schools like Michigan State and UCLA do not allow
any supplements of any kind on their athletic
programme. This is the kind of school I would
want my son to attend” Wholefood supplements Jack
does recommend wholefood supplements and he explains
why, they work in synergy, those based on fruits
and vegetables, are vital in building up the immune
system, compared to chemical substances which
harm the body. Certainly those fortunate to hear
this keynote speaker were enriched in their knowledge
about the dangers of drugs, but they certainly
got food for thought, whether involved in sport
or not and what eating the proper foods can do
for the body. Jack spoke to 500 people including
many doctors at Bournemouth in England on Saturday
and Sunday and has 3 more talks in Ireland, at
Dundrum House Hotel in Tipperaary on Monday the
15th at 8pm, at Waterford Glass Sports complex
on Tuesday November the 16th at 7.30pm and at
Fitzpatricks Hotel in Bunratty on Wednesday at
8pm, before returning to the USA on Thursday.

Anybody who would like a CD of his talks and more
information about Jack Medina’s success formula
can contact Fr. Liam Kelleher at 087-8516984 or
email: liamkelleher44 Picture



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