Belgium GAA host latest round of European Competitions

After the Maastricht round, the European Championship moved to Belgium.

On the 10th of September in Leuvan (Louvain) Belgium GAA hosted the 5th round of the ladies Championship. 8 ladies teams attended the tournament: Belgium GAA, with three teams (Belgium A, Belgium B, Belgium C), Paris Gaels, Holland ladies, Stockholm, Copenhagen (a mixed team with players from Copenhagen, Niort, Barcelona and Rennes) and Prague. It was the first the first European ladies round ever for the Stockholm and Prague teams.

As in the other tournaments, all the teams were 100% motivated to obtain good results in their matches. Due to the great number of teams participating, they were split into two groups: group 1 (Belgium A, Paris, Copenhagen and Belgium C) and group 2 (Holland, Stockholm, Belgium B and Prague).  Already in the group stages there were thrilling and disputed games.

There were no surprises and the strongest teams reached the semi finals. Stockholm reached the semi after a thrilling points difference resolution, as 3 teams of group 2 (Stockholm, Belgium B and Prague) won 1 game each.

The first semi-final was contested by Paris Gaels and Holland ladies, who were in Leuven after having played at a great level in the previous round in Maastricht. Paris Gaels were playing at a fantastic level showing they could be good opposition for Belgium A in the final. The match started very even with points coming from both teams. However, little by little the Paris players controlled the rhythm of the match and they ended winning it by 05—04 to Holland’s 01-05.  

The second semi-final was contested by Belgium A and the newcomer Stockholm. The game was controlled from the beginning by the Belgium players who were extremely motivated as they were playing their home tournament. Despite Stockholm’s efforts, Belgium A proved to be, this time, too strong for them. It was a great performance by the Swedish ladies throughout the tournament, considering it was their first attendance to a European ladies tournament. We will surely see them and Prague in more European ladies tournaments in the forthcoming years.     

After the 2 semi-finals, Copenhagen ladies and Belgium B played for 5th and 6th, respectively. Both teams played some good matches in the group stages. After a great match, Copenhagen came 5th and Belgium B, 6th.  

Due to the fantastic performance in all of their games, Paris were deserving of their place in the final against the Belgium A team.

The Belgium tournament had the honor of the presence of Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh, who commented the ladies and men’s finals.


The ladies final was vibrant and both teams showed why there were the strongest teams of the tournament by offering tons of excellent football.


Paris Gaels started the game very focused, knowing of the potence of Belgium A. Despite the efforts of the Paririans,  Belgium A, who are the only team that have played in all the European ladies tournamnents finals this season, started to control the various areas of the field.

Due to the offensive strength of the  Belgium players, and after some good scores, Paris Gaels tried to tighten up their defense as best they could. As time passed however, their resistance to the belges were decreasing. Belgium were scoring points from all angles and were cleaing up in the middle of the field. 

After 30 minutes of fantastic ladies football, maybe the greatest final of the season, Belgium won Paris 03—11v 02—01. Belgium did it again and won their 5th consecutive European ladies tournament of this season. Certifying they are currently the best team in mainland Europe. 

The Player of the Tournament went to Holland ladies player, Rose Holland, who played excellently throughout the games and was one of the key performers for the Holland ladies.

The referees for the day were Matthew Morris and Patrick Stassen.

Guernsey will be the next place for European ladies football.

Mònica Duran

European Ladies Officer 2011

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