Best wishes to the Connacht Ladies


Ladies Best Wishes.


is well represented on Sunday next when both
Sligo and Galway will endeavour to capture
the Junior and Senior TG4 All Ireland Finals.
Both teams had their hardest games when playing
other Connacht teams. Sligo had a close call
with Leitrim in the Connacht Final and Galway
had a double titanic struggle against Mayo
who fought hard to retain their Title and
Roscommon who are a rising force. 

This has to be good for Ladies Football in
Connacht. Sligo had a convincing win over
a well respected Cork team in the semi-final,
but despite this would be classed underdogs
to Kildare on Sunday. Kathleen Keane as manager
with the aid of her selectors and players
have worked hard to up scuttle that theory.
What has to be admired most is they way the
County both men and women have rallied around
to support them. I believe they want it more
and probably will be the best-supported team
in Croke Park on the day.


Manager Kathleen Keane

Fahy with seven ladies who were nominated
for last years all star and are still part
of next Sundays dream in Croke park.

will also be classed underdogs on the day, mainly
due to the exhaustion of the replay and the shorter
space in time to the final. P.J. Fahy and his
management team have again worked hard to help
the girls recover and be best prepared for Sunday
next. Dublin will have the benefit of been there
last year. On behalf of Connacht Ladies football
Council I wish to express best of luck and wishes
to both the management and teams of Sligo and
Galway lets hope it will be a double for Connacht
on Sunday.

PRO Connacht Ladies Football Kevin Curley.



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