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29-April-2011 Issue Number 2

Publisher: Coaching Ireland



– Editorial

– Interview with Billy Walsh

– Information on Coaching Ireland Tutor courses

– Acquired Brain Injury

– Upcoming Events

– Launch of Coaching Ireland’s Facebook page

– Coaching Articles



Welcome to the second edition of the Coaching Ireland Ezine.

Using Ezine we aim to keep coaches up to date with the latest news and events in coaching both nationally and internationally.

We hope you will find this informative and relevant.

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Interview with Billy Walsh

An Interview with Billy Walsh (head coach of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association High Performance Unit).

Plus video footage of Billy’s keynote address on Sporting Pathways (LTPAD) and the Importance of Coaching. Taken from last September’s Coaching Ireland Conference.

Interview and video available from:


Information on Coaching Ireland Tutor courses 

As part of the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland Coaching Ireland in partnership with National Governing Bodies train tutors, who have been nominated by their respective NGB’s.

Tutors play an enormously important role within each National Governing Body, specifically in the design, delivery and review of coach education programmes.

Their influence is immense and their responsibility to improve the number of coaches and the standard of coaching is a challenging and deeply rewarding one.

Read more at:


Acquired Brain Injury

“It all comes as part and parcel of playing the game of sport; we take the good with the bad, hard knocks with the soft. Yes injuries are a part of the game. They happen every weekend across every sporting body, and indeed happen to every part of the body.

From Paul O’Connell’s ankle to Aidan Walsh’s hamstring, it’s a constant flow of conversation. Then why is it no one seems to want to talk about the most common injury of all; CONCUSSION?! ”

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Upcoming Events

A list of events for May is available from the upcoming events section on the Coaching Ireland website home page.


Launch of Coaching Ireland’s Facebook page

Coaching Ireland facebook page is now available at:

This now provides another medium to interact with Coaching Ireland and while you are there, why not browse our photos.

The Facebook page is also available from a link on the Coaching Ireland website home page:


Coaching Articles 

Culture Clubs – An article about nurturing talent

“Every generation will complain of it – that clubs and organisations with the largest chequebooks will sweep the honours. But real success, more often than not, is built upon solid foundations, so that even those with deep pockets realise it’s wise to nurture your own talent, and immerse them in the ways of your team… ”

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