Coaching Ireland Tutor Graduation 2012

To keep it short, Coaching Ireland are the ‘quality control’ for sports coaching in Ireland.

For all the National Governing Bodies that are delivering coaching courses at home and abroad, they must work with Coaching Ireland in relation to the development of their coaching courses and also the training of the tutors who then deliver the material.

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association enjoys, and benefits greatly from, their relationship with Coaching Ireland. Each year Coaching Ireland provides training for coaching tutors across a number of sports. During the last intake of participants for a coaching tutor course, the LGFA were lucky to be giving three places.

These three places were taken up by Lisa Cafferky, Eliza Downey, and Tara Ryan.

So what does coaching tutor training consist of?

Well it is most definitely a lot more than simply learning the material in the coaching course. Those that undertake the training spend 6 weekends in Limerick under the guidance of Coaching Ireland’s Liam Moggan.  While each weekend is very enjoyable, all participants will agree that the time in Limerick is challenging as they are pushed to develop and improve their own personal style of tutoring.

One of the core messages that is imparted to coaching tutors in Limerick is the huge opportunity they have when presented with the chance to deliver a coaching course. If they can deliver in a manner that will result in the 20 or 30 people leaving the room with a better understanding of what it means to be a good coach, well then think of all the players and clubs around the Country that will have a better experience of Ladies Football as a result. A coaching tutor has the capacity to have an untold effect on the sporting lives of so many people around the country.

So, as of now there are another 3 LGFA tutors on the books and full of enthusiasm. Watch out for Eliza, Tara and Lisa at a course near you! Also, as we speak Mary Corry, Lizzy Kent, Niamh Fallon and Noelle Gormley are being put through their paces and are half way through their own tutor training – another 4 that will join the merry band of LGFA tutors.

Well done to the three recent graduates and keep up the good work to the four in training.

Below see Tara Ryan mixing with a national hero…


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