Collaboration with Athletics Ireland for a Fit4Mothers&Others Project

We are delighted to announce a collaboration between Athletics Ireland and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association to launch the Fit4Mothers&Others project, funded by Sport Ireland through Women in sport. This project will be a cooperation of the AAI Fit4Life and LGFA’s Gaelic4Mothers&Others Initiatives. Both of these programmes have been hugely successful on their own and it is envisaged that the Fit4Mothers&Others project will certainly bring out the best of both. This unique 8-week project will be delivered in 5 areas only where there is no current Fit4Life or Gaelic4Mothers&Others Programmes and will be aimed at females aged 25 years + where the participants will be involved in activities associated with both initiatives throughout.

After a successful pilot held in Starlights in North Dublin we are now looking forward to expressions of interest and roll out from one new site in each province around the country but there must be an LGFA Club and an Athletics club in close proximity. This is aimed at creating more lifelong opportunities for females 25+ to participate in both Gaelic4Mothers&Others & Fit4Life programmes. Both Fit4Life and Gaelic4Mothers&Others promote social interaction and inclusion amongst women and encourage all to become more physically active and adopt healthy lifestyle choices.


If you require any further information on the project please contact:

Vinny Whelan

National Development Officer

Remit: Growth & Participation.


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