Covid-19 - Ladies Gaelic Football Association Competitions and Development Update

With the suspension of all activity at club, inter-county and educational levels until March 29, which no doubt will be extended on the advice of the HSE and government in the coming days, we have had to look at all activities which were ongoing since January and some planned to take place over the coming weeks.

The LGFA Management Committee, through conference calls, have made the decisions below:

Competition Updates


Lidl National Leagues                    Cancelled for 2020

Teams of the League                     Cancelled for 2020

HEC O’Connor Cup                        Cancelled   for 2020

PPS Competitions                          Cancelled for 2020

U14s Competition                         Cancelled for 2020

Interprovincials                              Cancelled for 2020

Féile na nÓg                                    Cancelled for 2020

Féile Skills                                        Cancelled for 2020

U-16 Competition           Possibility of provincial action depending on when activities resume

U-18 Competition           Possibility of provincial action depending on when activities resume

TG4 Championship        Will be reviewed on an ongoing basis in line with government guidelines

Development Updates


Gaelic4Girls Programme                                           Postponed until activity resumes

One Good Club/LGFA Talk Project                          Postponed  until activity resumes

Connacht Coach The Teenager                                21st March – Postponed

Referee Tutor Training                                              29th March – Postponed until end of September

Coach The Keeper Workshops                                 29th March – Postponed until later in the year

Gaelic4Teens Coaching Day 2                                  04/04/20 – 05/04/20    – Postponed until activity resumes

Gaelic4Girls Coach Education &                              06/04/2020 – 17/04/2020  –  Suspension until Gaelic4Girls programme recommences

Coordinators days         

U10 Go-Games Activity Day                                     10/04/2020   – Cancelled

Inclusion Workshop Pilot                                          16/04/2020  –   Reschedule for later in year with pilot clubs

Coaching Level 2                                                         18/04/2020 – 19/04/20   Postponed until activity resumes

GYW Referee Academy Session 4                           21/04/2020 – 22/04/2020  – Will be conducted via online webinar or video presentation

Club2Gether Day 3                                                    25/04/2020  –   Will be conducted via online modules on webinar

National Gaelic4Teens Day                                      26/04/2020     – Postponed

National Interfirms Blitz Day                                    16/05/2020  – Cancelled for 2020

National Referee Day                                                14/06/2020  – To be reviewed


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