Details of 2019 TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate relegation play-offs

In the TG4 Intermediate Championship 2019, two teams will be relegated to TG4 Junior Championship for the 2020 season.

Teams eligible for relegation:

·         Limerick

·         Laois

·         Wicklow

·         Leitrim

Format for the Relegation Playoffs will be as follows:

Relegation Playoff Game 1:        4th place Group 1              v              3rd place Group 3

Relegation Playoff Game 2:        4th  place Group 2             v              3rd place Group 4

Please see Fixtures details below:

Sunday 11th August 2019

TG4 All Ireland Intermediate Championship Relegation Qualifier – Result on the Day

Limerick v Laois

Wicklow v Leitrim

The two losers of the playoff games will be relegated to TG4 Junior Championship for 2020

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