Details of the Under-14 Mullingar Blitz

All-Ireland under 14 Blitz this week-end at Mullingar.

The first under age major event of the year in Ladies Football
takes place this week-end in Mullingar with the staging
of the All-Ireland under 14 blitz. This is the 2nd week-end
in a row that Mullingar hosts a big event. Last week-end
a very exciting Intrerpovincial competition was held.

This years blitz being held earlier than normal, has attracted
20 Co teams and there will be 3 divisions. Dublin, Cork,
Galway and Monaghan will be expected to dominate the A section.
Holders Cork will be firm favourites to retain their title,
but in a competition like this anything can happen.

How players adopt to the long journey, the intensity of
the preliminary games, the fatigue factor, will all have
a bearing on the final result. Group B has teams with Laois,
Roscommon and Tyrone likely to figure prominently. There
are 2 sections in Div C with 10 teams involved. Wexford
Kildare and Down look the strongest in this group.

One thing is certain is what ever team emerges victorious
in each section will have earned their laurels.

Anybody who has any news on any aspect of Ladies Football
please email me. Thank you very Much.


U/14 Blitz 2003

The U/14 blitz will be held in the Mullingar area on Saturday
14th June commencing at 10.00am. Please note the venue where
your team will be based for the competition. You must make
your way directly to this venue for registration.

Rules of Competition
1. Counties must registrar with Co-ordinator at venue where
they are based 30 minutes before start of their first game.
In the interest of the successful running of the competition
and fair play to all counties involved, it is most important
that counties registrar on time.
2. Team list of the full panel must be handed in at registration.
Girls must line out according to numbers on team list for
duration of day. There is no need to give referees a team
3. Punctuality is very important for the successful running
of the competition. Teams should be ready to start their
games on time and as there is only a short interval between
games have their warm up completed before the come onto
pitch. 4. Teams must bring 2 sets of jerseys with them (different
colours). Each team must have at least one football.
5. Each team to provide one umpire and one linesperson for
each game except finals.
6. There are 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. If there
are any ties for points at end of group matches, places
will be decided by penalties on that pitch immediately after
last game. There will be no extra time in semi finals or
finals. If they finish in a draw game will be decided by

Group A
– St. Loman’s GAA Club, Mullingar
Group A (1) Group A (2)
1. Dublin 1. Meath
2. Kerry 2. Cavan
3. Monaghan 3. Galway
4. Mayo 4. Donegal
5. Waterford 5. Cork

Group 1 – Pitch 1 Group 2 – Pitch 2
10.00 Dublin v Kerry 10.00 Meath v Cavan
10.35 Monaghan v Mayo 10.35 Galway v Donegal
11.10 Waterford v Dublin 11.10 Cork v Meath
11.45 Kerry v Monaghan 11.45 Cavan v Galway
12.20 Mayo v Waterford 12.20 Donegal v Cork
12.55 Dublin v Monaghan 12.55 Meath v Galway
1.30 Kerry v Waterford 1.30 Cavan v Cork
2.05 Dublin v
2.05 Meath v Donegal
2.40 Monaghan v Waterford 2.40 Galway v Cork
3.15 Kerry v Mayo 3.15 Cavan v Donegal
Semi finals
4.15 1a v 2b Pitch 1 4.15 2a v 1b Pitch 2
Pitch 1 (St. Loman’s) – 5.15pm
All games in this group are 10
minutes per half with a 5 minute interval.
Final 15 minutes per half.

Group B – St. Loman’s GAA Club,

Group B Group B – Pitch 3
1. Westmeath 10.00 Westmeath v Laois
2. Laois 10.35 Roscommon v Limerick
3. Roscommon 11.10 Tyrone v Westmeath
4. Limerick 11.45 Laois v Roscommon
5. Tyrone 12.20 Limerick v Tyrone
  12.55 Westmeath v Roscommon
  1.30 Laois v Tyrone
  2.05 Westmeath v Limerick
  2.40 Roscommon v Tyrone
  3.15 Laois v Limerick
Final – Pitch 3 (St. Loman’s)
– 4.30pm
All games in this group are 10
minutes per half with a 5 minute interval. Final 15
minutes per half.

Group C-
St. Oliver Plunketts, Robinstown, Mullingar
Group C (1) Group C (2)
1. Leitrim 1. Offaly
2. Wexford 2. Kildare
3. Fermanagh 3. Down
4. Carlow 4. Wicklow
5. Tipperary 5. Clare
Group C (1)- Pitch 1 Group C (2)- Pitch 2
10.00 Leitrim v Wexford 10.00 Offaly v Kildare
10.35 Fermanagh v Carlow 10.35 Down v Wicklow
11.10 Tipperary v Leitrim 11.10 Clare v Offaly
11.45 Wexford v Fermanagh 11.45 Kildare v Down
12.20 Carlow v Tipperary 12.20 Wicklow v Clare
12.55 Leitrim v Fermanagh 12.55 Offaly v Down
1.30 Wexford v Tipperary 1.30 Kildare v Clare
2.05 Leitrim v Carlow 2.05 Offaly v Wicklow
2.40 Fermanagh v Tipperary 2.40 Down v Clare
3.15 Wexford v Carlow 3.15 Kildare v Wicklow
Semi finals
4.15 1a v 2b Pitch 1 4.15 2a v 1b Pitch 2
Pitch 1 – 5.15pm
All games in this group are 10
minutes per half with a 5 minute interval.
Final 15 minutes per half.


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