Dublin Ladies win Leinster double in style

Dublin Ladies win Leinster double in style

There were jubilant scenes in Westmanstown Garda GAA Club,
Dublin, on Saturday 24th May, as pride of place went to
the Dublin U-14 & U-16 Ladies teams who were triumphant
in their double Leinster Final victory over Meath. There
were scenes of unrestrained joy as Dublin achieved the double
in truly magnificent style. The long months of preparation
paid rich dividends in the end.

The Dublin U-14 team had a comfortable win, (Dublin: 9-07;
Meath: 2-03), Castleknock, Club Chairman, John Hillery,
had previously brought the Dublin U-14 team to two consecutive
Leinster titles in 2001 & 2002 and all the way to successive
All-Ireland Semi-Finals.

The Dublin -v- Meath U16’s, on the other hand, had a tougher
encounter. The long awaited Leinster Cup had eluded Dublin
U-16’s since 1989. It’s difficult to imagine that many of
these young ladies who represented Dublin so proudly in
2003 were only between one and two years of age at the time!

If preparation were the only ingredient required
to ensure success, Dublin U-16’s had certainly earned their
title, training intensively since last September. It certainly
was well worth the effort and the rewards were sweet. With
deserved praise going to An Garda Siochana GAA Club at Westmanstown
for providing the excellent facilities – a truly fantastic
setting for a Leinster Final. Our appreciation to their
Chairman, George Kyne and especially the co-operation received
throughout the years from Grounds Superintendent, Jerome

Playing against the wind in the first half, Dublin U-16’s
wing forward, Michelle Dunne, (St. Brigid’s), opened proceedings
by scoring a point from play five minutes into the game.
Three minutes later, Dublin’s corner forward, Amy McGuinness,
(Fingallian’s), scored a point from a free awarded against
Meath. Dublin had settled into the game by the time Meath’s
full forward, Aoife Thompson, (Dunboyne), struck the back
of the net with an excellent goal which she followed by
point within two minutes. Immediately, Meath’s wing forward,
Kirsty Gough, (Dunboyne) put the ball over the bar. Dublin
was now trailing by three points.

Following two periods of stoppage to attend to injuries
on the Meath team, first half play resumed with a point
from Dublin’s wing forward, Grace O’Neill, (Foxrock). The
divide was gradually narrowing. Meath were becoming frustrated
by the excellent defence mounted by Dublin. In particular
the dynamic and tenacious resolve of Dublin’s corner back,
Aoife Kilkenny, (St.Brigid’s), who deprived Meath of many
of their potential scoring opportunities. Dublin’s goalkeeper,
Lynsey Flood, (Castleknock) was totally focused and intercepted
breaking ball in the square to clear it to the safety of
her wing backs. In total, Meath had hit seven wides in the
first half.

Still two points down, Dublin raised the tempo, with centre
half forward, Lorna Hillery, (Castleknock), sending the
ball over the crossbar from her left foot, with a potential
second score glancing off the woodwork to set up, full forward,
Kathy Whyte (Naomh Olaf), to score the equalising point
of the first half. Dublin’s midfield, Ciara Kilpatrick (Naomh
Olaf), gave a superb performance, totally focused throughout
the game. There is no doubt Ciara dedicated her efforts
on the playing field, with inspiration from her father and
Dublin team selector, Camillus, to the memory of her uncle
and Camillus’ brother, Sean, who sadly passed away during
the week. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a Ainm dilis.

Half-time score: Dublin: 0-05; Meath: 1-02

The opening score of the second period resulted in a point
from a free awarded to Meath’s, Aoife Thompson, (Dunboyne).
Dublin’s corner forward, Amy McGuinness, (Fingallian’s),
quickly followed with a point maintaining the sides’ level,
eight minutes into the second half. With a Leinster title
within both teams’ sights and nothing to separate them,
the pressure was mounting and the clock ticking away relentlessly.
The anticipation of the large body of supporters on both
sides was increasing by the minute. With neither team conceding
opportunity, spectators were in for a nail-biting contest.
Dublin made two substitutions at this point, Hannah Coen
(Naomh Olaf) for Sinead Finnegan (Fingallian’s); Orla Cotter
(Naomh Olaf) for Natasha Barnwall (Fingal Ravens). Then
suddenly Dublin advanced the ball to their centre half forward,
Lorna Hillery, (Castleknock) who set up a perfect pass beyond
Meath’s full back, Orla O’Connor, (Dunboyne) to set up Dublin’s
full forward, Kathy Whyte, (Naomh Olaf), which resulted
in a magnificent goal. Dublin put on a fresh pair of legs
as Anna Conlan (Kilmacud Crokes) replaced Dublin’s centre
half-forward, Lorna Hillery (Castleknock).

Meath’s full forward, Aoife Thompson, (Dunboyne) and centre
half forward, Shauna Bennett, (St. Ultan’s), were to narrow
the gap again to a margin to just one point as each consecutively
sent the ball over the bar. Amy McGuinness notched up a
further two points for Dublin to be counteracted by a point
each from Aoife Thompson and Meath’s midfielder, Ciara Dempsey,
(Broadsmill). With 14 minutes remaining on the clock, Dublin’s
substitute corner forward, Orla Cotter, (Naomh Olaf), found
the back of the Meath net in superb style to be followed
in the same minute by a point from Amy McGuinness. Spectators
felt Dublin had the necessary margin of comfort with a five
point lead with three minutes remaining. This was certainly
going down to the wire. 27 minutes into the second half,
Meath’s corner forward, Deborah Wigglesworth, (Moynalvey)
scored a goal. With only three points separating the sides,
Meath’s centre half forward, Shauna Bennett, (St. Ultan’s),
narrowed the gap again to two points in the 33rd minute
of the second half before referee, John Lennon, Westmeath,
blew the final whistle. It was all over. Dublin U-16’s are
Leinster Champions for the first time in 14 years!

Full-time score: Dublin: 2-10; Meath: 2-08

Leinster Vice-President, Michael O’Loughlin presented the
Leinster Cup to Dublin Captain, Caoilfhionn Ni Leidhin,
(Kilmacud Crokes) amid scenes of jubilation from the Dublin
camp. The Leinster Council of Cumann Peil Gael Na mBan presented
Amy McGuinness, (Fingallian’s), with the “Player of the
Match” award. Singled out for individual praise by the Leinster
Council for the quality of their football were: Dublin’s
centre half forward, Lorna Hillery (Castleknock), corner
forward, Amy McGuinness (Fingallian’s); corner back, Aoife
Kilkenny, (St.Brigid’s) and midfield, Ciara Kilpatrick (Naomh
Olaf). By the unanimous agreement of the Dublin management,
the player who made a phenomenal contribution to the Dublin
team in both the Leinster Semi-Final and Final was Dublin’s
corner back, Aoife Kilkenny, (St.Brigid’s).

Leinster Council of Cumann Peil Gael Na mBan hosted a meal
for the teams in Westmanstown following both finals. A reception
to honour the Dublin team will be held at 7.45 pm on Tuesday
27th May in Kilmacud Crokes. The Dublin management would
like to compliment both panels for their dedication and
commitment and the support of the Clubs and parents who
all contributed to the success of both Dublin teams. Dublin
U-16’s play the Ulster Champions, Cavan in the All-Ireland
Semi-Final on Saturday 2nd August 2003 and hopefully onwards
to the All-Ireland Final on Saturday 23rd August.

Dublin U-16 Team,Panel & Management 2003 (1) Lynsey
Flood (Castleknock) (2) Siobhan McGrath (Thomas Davis) (3)
Aoife Greene (Fingallian’s) (4) Aoife Kilkenny (St. Brigid’s)
(5) Andrea Bowe (Round Tower) (6) Sinead Finnegan (Fingallian’s)
(7) Karen Hudson (Fingallian’s) (8) Caoilfhionn Ní Leidhin(Capt.)
(Kilmacud Crokes) (9) Ciara Kilpatrick (Naomh Olaf) (10)
Michelle Dunne (St. Brigid’s) (11) Lorna Hillery (Castleknock)
(12) Grace O’Neill (Foxrock) (13) Amy McGuinness (Fingallian’s)
(14) Kathy Whyte (Naomh Olaf) (15) Natasha Barnwall (Fingal
Ravens) (16) Laura Walsh (Kilmacud Crokes) (17) Orla Cotter
(Naomh Olaf) (18) Emma Bates (Castleknock) (19) Hannah Coen
(Naomh Olaf) (20) Anna Conlan (Kilmacud Crokes) (21) Karina
Connolly (Round Tower) (22) Jennifer Cook (Fingallian’s)
(23) Catherine Cotter (Naomh Olaf) (24) Aisling Kelly (Kilmacud
Crokes) (25) Fiona Merriman (Kilmacud Crokes) (26) Aimee
Molloy (St. Brigid’s) (27) Adrienne Moore (Man-O-War) (28)
Orla Sadlier (Fingallian’s) (29) Orla Vallely (Cabinteely)

Dublin Substitutions: (1) Hannah Coen, (Naomh Olaf)
for Sinead Finnegan, (Fingallian’s) (2) Orla Cotter, (Naomh
Olaf) for Natasha Barnwall, (Fingal Ravens) (3) Anna Conlan,
(Kilmacud Crokes) for Lorna Hillery, (Castleknock)

Dublin U-16 Management Team
John V Hillery (Castleknock)
Team Manager Gerry Greene (Fingallian’s) Coach/Selector
Padraig Kelly (Kilmacud Crokes) Coach/Selector Camillus
Kilpatrick (Naomh Olaf) Coach/Selector Mary McGuinness (Fingallian’s)

Path to the U-16 Leinster Championship Final

22-02-03 Dublin (4-10) v Wexford (1-01)
08-03-03 Dublin (4-09) v Meath (2-10)
15-03-03 Dublin (1-13) v Laois (0-09)
05-04-03 Kildare(1-10) v Dublin (2-06)
2003 Leinster U-16 Semi-Final 03-05-03 Dublin (2-08) v Kildare
2003 Leinster U-16 Final 24-05-03 Dublin (2-10) v Meath
2003 All-Ireland U-16 Semi-Final 02-08-03 Dublin -v- Cavan
2003 All-Ireland U-16 Final 23-08-03 *(L -v- U) -v- (M -v-

Meath U-16 Team (1) Anne Marie Ball (St.Ultan’s)
(2) Paula Doherty (Dunboyne) (3) Orla O’Connor (Dunboyne)
(4) Karla O’Brien (Broadsmill) (5) Alice Davis (Walterstown)
(6) Clare Griffin (Moylough) (7) Tara Smith (Moynalvey)
(8) Lyndsey Conway (Donaghmore-Ashbourne) (9) Ciara Dempsey
(Broadsmill) (10) Kirsty Gough (Dunboyne) (11) Shauna Bennett
(St. Ultan’s) (12) Debra Wigglesworth (Moynalvey) (13) Laura
Dunne (Dunboyne) (14) Aoife Thompson (Dunboyne) (15) Kelly
Farrelly (Dunboyne)

(Report compiled by: John V Hillery, Manager – Under-16

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