Facebook Live Webinar: What Females need to know about the Menstrual Cycle

NEXT Monday evening, February 18, we are hosting a free webinar where experts from the FitrWoman team will be on hand to talk about all things female athlete.

Join our webinar as we talk about how your physiology and nutritional requirements differ compared to men, the impacts of the menstrual cycle on training, nutrition and recovery, and practical solutions to help you be proactive and prepared.

The FitrWoman app is a free tool that lets you track your menstrual cycle and symptoms, and provides personalised training and nutritional suggestions tailored to the changing hormone levels throughout your cycle.

Grainne Conefrey, Project Manager and Logistics at Orreco, and Georgie Bruinvels teamed up to develop the app and both will be Live to answer your questions and queries from 7.30pm, at this LINK. 


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