FHIT bag Offer for Clubs

FHITbagT Offer for Clubs


Dermot Mc Ardle, Monaghan footballer and founder of GaelicPerformance here. 

At GaelicPerformance we have talked to many players and coaches regarding their needs from a Strength and Conditioning point of view, to try and gather a picture of what is actually going on at Club Level. We spent 1 full week gathering this information, and trying to draw some conclusions from what we found.


Some points we found.


The majority of club players and coaches


  • Dont have time to follow Periodised Strength and Conditioning Programmes
  • Assumed that the bigger the players, were the stronger players.
  • Dont have the knowledge of what type of exercises are used to help develop Functional strength, and actually benefit their performance on the field.

We have concluded, the majority of Strength and Conditioning must be undertaken during collective sessions with the team.



At GaelicPerformance, we have developed the ideal piece of equipment for Strength and Conditioning for club players. Our Irish manufactured FHITbag™ , allows players and coaches the opportunity to train like the top players in a fraction of the time. FHIT™ stands for Functional High Intensity Training. The FHITbag™ allows coaches to combine Strength and Conditioning into their sessions all year around, whether the club has a gym or doesn’t have a gym. Our FHITbag™ is already in use by several top clubs and county teams


To Launch the FHITbag™ into the GAA world, we are offering clubs a special once off Club Package, of 5 beginner FHITbag™ , 5 Intermediate FHITbag™ , + 1 FREE FHITbag™ of your choice, all for only €795.


You can even get your bags personalised with club logos or what ever you like for on a once off payment of €90( minimum order 10 bags)


What do people say about FHITbag™’s


“GaelicPerformance FHITbag™ are ideal for developing strength And power in young players without going to the gym.”
Jim Mc Conville, Crossmaglen and Armagh development squad coach

Every club should invest in a set of GaelicPeformance FHITbag™ .There is no better tool for developing functional strength, and at the same time Reducing the chances injury,. Better than any gym at a fraction of the price”
Stephen Brannigan, Newry Clinic, former Birmingham city ,and current Down Physio.


“ Since we’ve starting using the GaelicPerformance FHITbag™ ,the team has become stronger, quicker, more powerful and more confident. The bags are essential for both Rugby and GAA training “
Colin O Hare , IRFU Development Officer


We have also put full range of exercise videos online on our website www.gaelicperformance.com , just go to the coaching page. You must register defore you can view the videos, but registration is FREE.


We have also attached another useful FREE Article on FHIT™, which you can forward on to your friends.

Dermot Mc Ardle

T:+353 42 9749856 M:+ 353 86 3525130

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