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Gaelic Gear European Football Championship played by barcelona last saturday

Gaelic Gear European Football Championships
played in Barcelona last Saturday
Well the season has now come to an exciting and memorable
end with a wonderful weekend feast of football and entertainment
in Barcelona. On behalf of the clubs and the Board, I would like
to thank Stephen Garland and his fellow Barcelona Gaels for their
magnificent organisation. Thanks are also due to Nickey Brennan
for a hosting a dinner on the Friday evening for the Board, referees
and local club officials. Thanks also to Sheamus Howlin (Overseas
Ctte); John Byrne (Leinster Council) referees (Shane Farrell; Paul
Kneel; Peter Daly and Jerome Henry for their excellent work on the
day. To our sponsors, Gaelic Gear and the GAA at H/Q and the Leinster
Council and the Ladies Football Association for their help and support
throughout the year.

The results were as follows:

Gaelic Gear European Football Championships played in Barcelona
last Saturday (4/11/06).

Barcelona Tournament Results:

Men’s Chp:

Winners: Costa Gaels (Marbella – Spain)

R/Up: Luxembourg

Ladies Chp:

Winners: Holland Ladies

R/up: Luxembourg

Men’s Shield

Winners: Masstricht Gaels (Netherlands)

R/Up: Jersey (Channel Islands)

The above results from Barcelona contributed to a four round championship
played on “blitz” basis in Munich, Paris & The Hague
over the past few months.

The overall winners in each compreition are as follows:

2006 Gaelic Gear European Championships

Men’s Championship

Winners: Den Haag GSC (The Hague, Netherlands)

R/Up: Luxembourg GSC

Ladies Championship

Winners: Luxembourg GSC

R/Up: Holland Ladies (Amsterdam/The Hague, Netherlands)

Men’s Shield

Winners: Maastricht Gaels (Netherlands)

R/Up: Amsterdam GFC (Netherlands)

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