Healthcheck for the West!

HealthCheck for the West!


HealthCheck for the West!

– Vhi and Ladies Gaelic Football Association to host free health seminar

Vhi Healthcare and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association are offering

residents of Galway and Mayo the chance to take stock of their health

and achieve a better work-life balance by hosting a free health seminar

evening in the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

at 6.30pm on Thursday 15th November 2007.

The Vhitality series of health information evenings is hosted by Vhi

Healthcare and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, and aim to

provide insights into how women can improve their overall health,

fitness and diet.  Tips will also be given on how to minimise stress and

achieve a better work / life balance.  Admission to the Vhitality event

is free however it is advised to book early as places are limited.

The panel of speakers at the Vhitality evening will be:

Philip Phelan – Fitness Expert, Vhi Healthcare.

Nuala Collins – Nutrition Expert, Vhi Healthcare.

Karen Belshaw – Stress Expert, Vhi Healthcare.

The Vhitality series was created following a study conducted by Vhi

Healthcare, which found that although 50% of those surveyed were not

happy with their weight, they were not necessarily prepared to address

this through healthy eating and exercise. The survey, conducted by

Behavior & Attitudes, benchmarked the attitudes of 660 adults to diet

and exercise.

According to Dr Bernadette Carr, Medical Director, Vhi Healthcare, “The

weight debate is one that has been around for a long time however it is

surprising that despite all of the healthy eating and activity-promoting

initiatives that we hear of, that people are still looking for the

‘quick-fix’ when it comes to weight loss.  This is contrary to all

medical evidence which states that the ‘quick-fix’ doesn’t provide

long-term results and that the best way to lose weight, and improve your

overall health is to reduce portion sizes, eat healthily and introduce

moderate exercise into your daily life.”

She continued, “We are hosting the Vhitality seminars in partnership with

the Ladies Gaelic Football Association to provide advice to the public

on diet, fitness and general health as well as providing direct access

to a host of experts who can give tips on how to achieve healthier,

well-balanced lifestyles.”

For more information or to reserve a place at the evening please contact

Mary Beades, Connacht Games Development Officer on mobile number 087

3289592 or email

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