HEC Registration & Appeals Procedures


10. To participate in the All -Ireland leagues or All Ireland Championships the college must be affiliated and their students registered by 1st of November annually.

11. Additional student registrations may be made after this date up until a final deadline of 3 days before the All Ireland Championship weekend. All registrations must be made on the official college registration form. The registration of additional students on an official registration form must be received by the registrar 3 days before a match is played. The fee for the additional player(s) must be received within 1 week of original post.

12. The Current Affiliation fee is 250 euro. The current registration fee is 4 euro per player.

13. In order for a player to qualify to compete in the third level colleges competitions she must be in full time education. For the Garda College: students of the April and July intakes qualify for two seasons only while students of the January and October intakes qualify for three seasons.

Sabbatical Officers and Student Officers: These girls may play provided their College considers them to be full time students. A maximum of two such officers may compete in the same season.

Colleges Unable to Field a Team: If a college is unable to field a team then players in that college may apply to the HEC in writing for permission to play another college.

Procedure for Appeals

All appeals must be made in accordance with the rules set out in the ‘Objections and Appeals’ section of the official guide.

8. All competitions – queries regarding the running of the competitions and other matters shall be made to the secretary of the HEC, who with the HEC will make a decision which may be appealed to central council

9. Player Registration – Queries regarding the eligibility should be made to the HEC Registrar in writing by email or post. The query must give reasonable grounds explaining why the player’s eligibility is being questioned. On receipt of such a query the registrar shall in writing request a letter, signed by the registrar of the institution in question outlining the players current status, including the course code and it’s requirements, to be returned within 7 days.

The College Club Secretary will be notified that a query has been made and that the investigation has commenced. Should a letter not be forth coming, or fail to meet the appropriate rule, then the player will be deemed not eligible to participate in competition and any game which she had participated in will be awarded to the opposition as per rule book. A decision may be appealed to central council, but evidence that was not presented to the HEC when requested may not form part of the appeal.

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