Interview with Angie McNally and Helena Lohan

Angie McNally – The enigma of Dublin

Angie NcNally is the enigma of the team hugely committed hugely
competitive with vast experience at International level at
basketball and Soccer she has given both up to concentrate
on football and is very upbeat about Sunday “There is a great
deal of banter much bigger crowds and this year we have given
full commitment to football and it has paid off so far, we
knew we had to make that choice. We lost to mayo in the semi-final
last year and realised we had a lot of work to do, the focus
has been much more intense this year and we have trained harder.
The women have always played 2nd fiddle whether it has been
Gaelic Football or any other sport, this year we have been
doing well and the further we go on the more interest there
has been. I gave up basketball and soccer right in the middle
of the European Championships, which I did not like doing,
in order for us to get where we wanted, we decided as a group
and everybody had to be in the same boat it would not have
been fair if somebody was allowed play soccer and somebody
else camogie, it brought us together as a unit and we realise
we are in this all or nothing.”

We have prepared very well this year and we know what to expect
with the experience of last year behind us, at the moment
we are in the final and it is not over yet, we won’t be happy
unless we win it on Sunday. We put our whole personal; lives
on hold for this, relationships have suffered other relationships
have strengthened because of this but it has been a huge sacrifice,
we can’t go on holidays its training 4 or 5 nights a week.

Mayo’s main advantage over us is that its there 5th final
in a row,were evenly matched, we may have played better than
they did in their semi final, they are an experienced team
they know what this is all about and not doubt they will come
out ready for a good game and we will too.”

Word of warning

Mayo captain Helena Lohan sounds a word of warning.

“Its a game we have to win and we will go out and give it
our best shot.” Helena also appeals to the Mayo public to
come out and support the team. “Please come and support us
for the huge amount of work and effort we have put in during
the year It is not enough to get there once the will to win
is always there the hunger is still there because its an amazing
experience A final word to Chief Executive Helen O’Rourke.

“Ticket sales were slow last week but this week there has
been a huge response and with the hill open at a very reasonable
10 Euro it should make it accessible for all. Please God we
will have 40,000 there and it and it would show we are the
biggest women’s sporting event in the world for this year.”

There will be tickets available on the way to the ground on
Sunday, at portacabins near Gills and Quinns pubs, they will
be limited and groups will not be able to avail of the special
offer. the day begins with the Junior Final between Donegal,
who lost last years final to Galway and Kildare who lost 2
years ago the game begins at 1.15pm

Fr. Liam Kelleher PRO 087-8516984

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