Kilmacud 7's set for exciting day of action

The always popular Kilmacud U14 7 a sides will take place as usual this weekend at Kilmacud Crokes in Dublin. As always there will be great interest in the competition with various clubs and counties represented. Read on to see the competitors and the group draws.

Kilmacud Crokes

All Ireland U14 Sevens Teams 2012


Aherlow Ladies                                 Tipperary

Boardsmill Ladies                                       Meath

Bryansford                                        Down

Cahir                                                 Tipperary

Carryduff                                          Down

Claregalway         Ladies                           Galway

Con Magees Glenravel                      Antrim

Corofin                                             Galway

Dungarvan                                        Waterford

Emyvale Ladies                                 Monaghan

Fermoy Ladies                                  Cork

Foxrock-Cabinteely                          Dublin

Geraldines                                         Louth

Kilkerrin-Clonberne                          Galway

Kilmacud Crokes                              Dublin

Kilmore Ladies                                  Wexford

Kilmurry Ibrickane                           Clare

Lurgan Ladies                                   Cavan

Moate                                                         Westmeath

Monaleen                                          Limerick

Moyle Rovers                                   Tipperary

Naomh Brid                                                Antrim

Naomh Ciarán                                  Offaly

Rathmore                                          Kerry

Sean O Heslins                                  Leitrim

Shannon Gaels                                  Roscommon

St. Laurence O’Toole                        Dublin

St. Laurences                                    Kildare

St. Patricks                                       Wicklow

St. Val’s                                            Cork

St. Patricks Cullyhanna                    Armagh

Tullamore Ladies                              Offaly

U14 7 All Ireland 7-a-Side Groups


1        St. Val’s                                                                                         2     Rathmore

Lurgan  Ladies                                                                   St. Laurences

Shannon Gaels                                                                  Naomh Brίd

Kilmore                Ladies                                                                  Sean O Heslins



Colaiste Eoin    

3   Kilmacud Crokes                                          4    Kilmurry Ibrickane

Moyle Rovers                                                                    Tullamore Ladies

Carryduff                                                                             St. Patricks (Cullyhanna)

Moate                                                                                  Bryansford



Silver Park

 5      Foxrock/Cabinteely                                                 6     St. Laurence O’Toole

Emyvale Ladies                                                                 Corofin

Kilkerrin Clonberne                                                         St. Patricks (Wicklow)

Cahir                                                                                      Dungarvan


 7   Naomh Ciarán                                                                8   Claregalway

Monaleen                                                                           Boardsmill

Geraldines                                                                          Fermoy Ladies

Con Magees Glenravel                                                  Aherlow Ladies



Kilmacud Crokes All Ireland U14 Sevens 2012

Saturday 6th October 2012

Registration 9.00am Glenalbyn House


Group 1 Venue:   Glenalbyn Time Pitch Score
St. Val’s   v     Lurgan Ladies 10.00 G1  
Shannon Gaels   v   Kilmore Ladies 10.00 G2  
Lurgan Ladies   v   Kilmore Ladies 11.00 G1  
St. Val’s   v     Shannon Gaels 11.00 G2  
Kilmore  Ladies    v   St.   Val’s 12.00 G1  
Shannon   Gaels   v   Lurgan Ladies 12.00 G2  



Group 2 Venue:   Glenalbyn Time Pitch Score
Rathmore   v    St. Laurences 10.30 G1  
Naomh Brid   v  Sean   O Heslins 10.30 G2  
St. Laurences    v   Sean   O Heslins 11.30 G1  
Rathmore   v   Naomh   Brid 11.30 G2  
Rathmore   v  Sean   O Heslins 12.30 G1  
Naomh   Brid   v  St.   Laurences 12.30 G2  



Group 3 Venue:   Colaiste Eoin Time Pitch Score
Kilmacud   Crokes  v  Moyle Rovers 10.00 Col. E 1  
Carryduff   v     Moate 10.00 Col. E 2  
Moate  v    Moyle Rovers 11.00 Col. E 1  
Carryduff   v     Kilmacud Crokes 11.00 Col. E 2  
Moate  v    Kilmacud Crokes 12.00 Col. E 1  
Carryduff  v    Moyle Rovers 12.00 Col. E 2  



Group 4 Venue: Colaiste   Eoin Time Pitch Score
Kilmurry   Ibrickane   v  Tullamore Ladies 10.30 Col. E 1  
St.   Patricks (Cullyhanna)  v  Bryansford 10.30 Col. E 2  
Tullamore Ladies  v   Bryansford 11.30 Col. E 1  
St.   Patricks (Cullyhanna)   v  Kilmurry Ibrickane 11.30 Col. E 2  
Kilmurry   Ibrickane   v  Bryansford 12.30 Col. E 1  
Tullamore Ladies  v    St. Patricks (Cullyhanna) 12.30 Col. E 2  



Group 5 Venue:   Silver Park Time Pitch Score
Foxrock/Cabinteely  v    Emyvale Ladies
10.00 S1  
Kilkerrin-Clonberne     v  Cahir 10.00 S2  
Cahir  v    Emyvale Ladies 11.00 S1  
Kilkerrin-Clonberne  v    Foxrock/Cabinteely 11.00 S2  
Foxrock/Cabinteely   v   Cahir 12.00 S1  
Emyvale   Ladies  v  Kilkerrin-Clonberne 12.00 S2  




Group 6 Venue:   Silver Park Time Pitch Score
St.   Laurence O’Toole   v   Corofin 10.30 S1  
St.   Patricks (Wicklow)   v   Dungarvan 10.30 S2  
Corofin   v     Dungarvan 11.30 S1  
St.   Patricks (Wicklow)   v   St. Laurence O’Toole 11.30 S2  
Dungarvan   v     St. Laurence O’Toole 12.30 S1  
St.   Patricks (Wicklow)   v  Corofin 12.30 S2  



Group 7 Venue:   Silver Park Time Pitch Score
Naomh Ciarán  v  Monaleen 10.00 S3  
Geraldines   v     Con Magees Glenravel 10.00 S4  
Con Magees   Glenravel  v   Monaleen 11.00 S3  
Geraldines     v   Naomh Ciarán 11.00 S4  
Con Magees   Glenravel  v   Naomh   Ciarán 12.00 S3  
Monaleen    v   Geraldines 12.00 S4  



Group 8 Venue:   Silver Park Time Pitch Score
Claregalway  v    Boardsmill 10.30 S3  
Fermoy   Ladies   v  Aherlow   Ladies 10.30 S4  
 Aherlow Ladies  v  Boardsmill 11.30 S3  
 Claregalway   v   Fermoy   Ladies 11.30 S4  
Aherlow   Ladies   v   Claregalway 12.30 S3  
Fermoy   Ladies   v   Boardsmill 12.30 S4  



ROUND 4            –    CUP COMPETITION


Game A    Winners Group 1  v  2nd Group  2             2.00          Glenalbyn               1

Game B    Winners Group 2  v  2nd Group  1             2.00          Glenalbyn               2

Game C    Winners Group 3  v  2nd Group  4             2.00          Colaiste Eoin          1

Game D    Winners Group 4  v  2nd Group  3             2.00          Colaiste Eoin          2

Game E    Winners Group 5  v  2nd Group  6             2.00          Silverpark               1

Game F     Winners Group 6  v  2nd Group  5            2.00          Silverpark              2

Game G    Winners Group  7  v 2nd Group  8                        2.00          Silverpark               3

Game H    Winners Group  8 v  2nd Group  7             2.00          Silverpark               4



Winners A v Winners C                                  3.00                               Glenalbyn  1

Winners B v Winners D                                  3.00                               Glenalbyn  2

Winners E v Winners G                                  3.00                               Silverpark  1

Winners F v Winners H                                  3.00                               Silverpark  2




Winners 1 v Winners 3                                   4.15                                 Glenalbyn  1

Winners 2 v Winners 4                                    4.15                                 Glenalbyn    2






Time 5.30


Game I      3rd  Group 1  v  4th Group 2          1.30                             Glenalbyn        1

Game J     3rd  Group  2  v  4th Group 1         1.30                             Glenalbyn        2

Game K    3rd  Group  3  v  4th Group 4         1.30                             Colaiste Eoin   1

Game L    3rd  Group  4  v  4th Group 3          1.30                             Colaiste Eoin   2

Game M   3rd  Group  5  v  4th Group 6          1.30                             Silverpark        1            Game N    3rd  Group  6  v  4th Group 5  1.30                             Silverpark        2

Game O   3rd  Group  7  v  4th Group 8          1.30                             Silverpark        3

Game P    3rd  Group   8  v  4thGroup 7          1.30                             Silverpark        4




Winners I   v  Winners K                             2.30                                     Glenalbyn  1

Winners J  v  Winners  L                             2.30                                     Glenalbyn  2

Winners M v Winners  O                             2.30                                     Silverpark  1

Winners N v  Winners  P                              2.30                                     Silverpark  2



Winners 1  v  Winners  3                              3.45                                     Glenalbyn 1

Winners 2  v  Winners  4                              3.45                                     Glenalbyn 2





Time 4.45

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