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Ladies Agree International Rules Deal with AFL

Live TV Coverage of Historic First Two Tests

THE Ladies Gaelic Football Association last night negotiated
a deal which will see the first ever women’s International
Rules Series between Ireland and Australia take place this autumn.
The Ladies Gaelic Football Association revealed the news after
negotiations with their Australian counterparts in Singapore yesterday
during the TG4 O’Neill’s All-Star tour.

The first ever ladies International Rules Series will take place
in Ireland with the first test taking place on October 31st and
the second on November 4th. Both games will take place under lights
– with one confirmed for Parnell Park in Dublin and the second
taking place in Cork or Galway. TG4 will be screening both tests
live worldwide and there have been a number of rule changes agreed
which differ from the men’s game. There will be fewer steps
allowed than in the men’s game but the major difference is
the rule on the mark. Players will still be able to call a mark
– but not in the middle of the field. Instead, a mark will
only be allowed inside both 45 metre lines – a progressive
move which will see more flow to the game. The scoring system
and use of round ball will remain the same as in the men’s

Australian officials were happy with the deal last night, while
Ladies Gaelic Football Chief Executive Helen O’Rourke was
also pleased. “We are delighted with the outcome of the meeting.
A lot of people have worked hard to see this come to light and
it is another historic step for ladies football in Ireland,”
said O’Rourke. “Both games will take place under floodlights
and TG4 will be showing them live so it is a huge occasion for
us all. Parnell Park has been confirmed for one of the games and
the second will be announced shortly.” T

G4 also had their top officials at the meeting and Pol O Gallchoir
last night admitted they were delighted with the outcome. “The
first game actually marks our ten year anniversary so it couldn’t
have fallen on a better day. TG4 are delighted to be associated
with this historic event and will be screening it live on TV and
also throughout the world on the internet.”

Further information: Donal Keenan 087 1242222

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