Ladies Football All-Ireland under 14 Blitz - 500 girls take part

Ladies Football All-Ireland under 14 Blitz – 500 girls
take part By Fr.Liam Kelleher PRO

The first under age major event of the year in Ladies Football
took place on Saturday in Mullingar with the staging of
the All-Ireland under 14 blitz. Beautiful sunny conditions
greeted the 500 or so girls as they arrived at an early
hour in Mullingar, some competitors had left home as early
as 4.30am. Throughout an exciting days competition at St
Loman’s and Oliver Plunketts GAA Clubs the curtain game
down on a wonderfully exciting days sport when the ref blew
the final whistle at 6pm to end the Div A Final. This final
saw Cork who had played brilliantly all day, even without
their star player Amanda Murphy, retain their title.

They saw off old rivals Galway whom they had beaten in last
years decider and in the final of the under 14 All-Ireland.
Cork dominated the first half and with some beautiful inter-passing
movements had 2-03 on the score board without reply at the
short whistle. Galway did much better in the 2nd half limiting
the rebels to 3 points, while getting on the score board

The division B final was a very exciting affair with Tyrone
getting the better of Roscommon, after the game had ebbed
and flowed in either direction. The final score Tyrone
2-08 Roscommon 1-07.

The Division C fial at Oliver Plunkett’s saw Clare hold
off the challenge of Wexford by the minimum margin
Final Score Clare 1-08 Wexford 2-04.

The feature of the day was the closeness of most of the
games played in a spirit of true friendliness. The host
clubs deserve the greatest of credit for their excellent
arrangements as of course do the girls whose committed displays
made the day, as well as the weather of course.

Divison A – St. Loman’s GAA Club, Mullingar
Group 1
Dublin 1-03 v Kerry 2-03
Monaghan 2-04 v Mayo 2-00
Waterford 1-04 v Dublin 1-01
Kerry 1-02 v Monaghan 1-03
Mayo 1-02 v Waterford 0-03
Dublin 1-01 v Monaghan 0-00
Kerry 0-03 v Waterford 2-04
Dublin 1-05 v Mayo 2-03
Monaghan 1-02 v Waterford 0-03
Kerry 2-04 v Mayo 2-04

Group 2
Meath 0- 3 v Cavan 2-06
Galway 1-04 v Cork 5-03
Cork 2-12 v Meath 0-00
Meath 0-4 v Galway 2-07
Cavan 1-01 v Cork 1-09
Semi finals
Galway 1-02 Monagan 1-01
Cork 4-06 Mayo 0-00
Cork 2-06 Galway 0-01

Divison B –
Westmeath 2-7 v Laois 0-00
Roscommon 6-04 v Limerick 0-03
Tyrone 2-02 v Westmeath 0-2
Laois 0-03 v Roscommon 1-05
Limerick 0-03 v Tyrone 1-04
Westmeath 1-04 v Roscommon 1-06
Laois 0-1 v Tyrone 2-06
Westmeath 1-04 v Limerick 3-04
Roscommon 0-3 v Tyrone 1-02
Laois 0-00 v Limerick 2-05
Final Div 2 Tyrone 2-08 Roscommon 1-07

Division C
Group 1 at Oliver Plunketts
Leitrim 0-1 v Wexford 2-4
Tipperary 7-07 v Leitrim 0-03
Carlow 0-01 v Tipperary 1-08
Leitrim 1-03 Dublin B 2-03
Wexford 3-06 v Tipperary 3-03
Leitrim 3-02 v Carlow 0-00
Dublin B 4-02 Carlow 0-01

Division C (2) –
Offaly 2-05 v Kildare 1-04
Clare 4-06 v Offaly 0-01
Kildare 2-01 v Down 00-7
Kildare 1-02 v Clare 2-06
Down 20-01 v Clare 2-08
Semi-finals Wexford 0-05 Kildare 0-03 Clare 0-05
Dublin B 0-01
Final Division 3 Clare 1-08 Wexford 2-04

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