LGFA Launch Interfirms Competition

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association have announced a new interfirms competition that will invite companies interested in entering a team to compete for the title of All Ireland Interfirms Champions! The LGFA were joined at Croke Park by players from AIB and Intel to help launch the new Interfirms competition.

The competition is open to all players of all levels of ability and will offer another avenue for players to get back involved in organised team sport should they have lapsed. It also offers a social outlet for co workers to come together outside work hours for a healthy exercise with their colleagues.

The LGFA Interfirms competition will take place on the weekend of July 15th and will be a one day, 7-a-side, competition that will follow the usual 7 a side rules. Panels will be restricted to a maximum of 12 peoples and entry will only be accepted upon completion of a 4 week training programme with the content provided by the LGFA.

It will cost firms €60 to enter a team which is just €5 per player. Matches will last for 20 minutes and will be governed by the full rules of Ladies Gaelic Football. Firms are invited to enter more than one team where there is sufficient interest but players can only play on one squad and can’t change between teams. Players are also urged to obtain their own insurance cover as participants will not be covered under the LGFA Injury Fund.

Firms that are interested in participating in the Interfirms All Ireland 7-a-side competition are asked to confirm their interest by emailing Paula Prunty on paula.prunty@lgfa.ie by no later than June 6th and all interested firms are invited to attend an information evening at the Croke Park Hotel on Wednesday June 7th at 5:30pm.

Speaking about the LGFA Interfirms competition LGFA President Marie Hickey said ‘This is a very exciting development for Ladies Gaelic Football. There has been great interest in an interfirms competition and we are delighted to deliver this competition in answer to that interest. Ladies Gaelic Football is a great way for women to take up a healthy activity outstide of the workplace with their co-workers. It will provide plenty of laughs around the office but it will also help to build morale which is so important in any working environment. This competition is open to players of all abilities and not just accomplished intercounty and club players and, whilst there is a trophy at stake, this is very much about participation and enjoying time in a different environment with co-workers.’


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