LGFA Players to Get on Coaching Pathway

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association are working tirelessly to encourage more of our players and past players to get involved in coaching and get their step on our Education Pathway. With this in mind we are excited to announce that we will run an Assimilated Level 1 Course on Sunday 25th November at St Patrick’s, Drumcondra, from 10.30am to 5.00pm which will contain only past and current LGFA county players.


What is an Assimilated Level 1 Course?


A course where experienced county players may be accredited to Level 1 within the Coaching Development Programme (CDPI) based on objective assessment of their previous experience and qualifications. The players will be assimilated to Level 1 without needing to complete the FUNdamentals unlike other participants.

The course is being introduced to provide experienced players with an avenue to gain credit on the coaching ladder. There will only be past and current LGFA players in attendance and we are embarking on this avenue to reward and recognise their contribution to our sport.

Assimilated personnel will become part of our successful pathway and will be able to avail of the many seminars, workshops, resources and support structures which LGFA have in place.  They will be able to share in the accumulated knowledge and experience and to play a very important role as female leader within LGFA.


What qualifications must you currently have?

  • No previous coach education needs to be completed
  • Intercounty LGFA Player with at least 3 years playing at adult level
  • Must be currently coaching a team at club, county, school or college level
  • Must be 18+
  • Must be a current member of an LGFA Club


What do you need to do to book your place?

Applications for this course will be approved by the Assimilation Committee in Sport Ireland as this is outside our regular coach education courses. In order to apply for a place we would ask you to please complete the attached ‘LGFA Participant Application Form’ and email to liam.moggan@coachingireland.com  or post to Liam Moggan, 8 Tudor Grove, Ashbourne, Co. Meath by Friday 9th November.

This is an exciting opportunity and will raise the profile of the many excellent female coaches we have across the country.


LGFA Participant Application Form


We would be delighted to have our players involved and there will be limited places available for this one off course which will bring female leadership to another level on our Coach Education Pathway.

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