LGFA trial new TESCO Health and Wellbeing site.

We’ve got a brand new website for you to try! It will give you all the help, tools and tips you need to make healthier choices and perform to your maximum potential.  It’s FREE to join, just register on the site: www.tesco.ie/healthandwellbeing.  We are looking for your feedback ahead of the site being launched so please let us know what you think!


Eat better without breaking the bank

  • Making healthy choices is easier than ever when you track your calories and plan your meals ahead of time.
  • Find & create healthy meals that are satisfying. Search for your favourite recipes packed with slow-energy releasing carbs and lean proteins – making them perfect for fitting into an exercise regime.
  • Save time & money with a suggested shopping list.
  • Stay in control with a daily nutritional breakdown and calorie counter.
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, so that you get the right meals and recipes for your lifestyle and budget.

Get active and stay active

  • Stay motivated by tracking or planning your exercise or daily activities. There are over 1000 different exercises to choose from.
  • Discover how many calories you are burning while exercising.
  • Exercise more and increase your calorie allowance. The more exercise you do, the more calories you can eat, leaving room for an occasional take away.

Lose weight and keep it off

  • Get the right calorie allowance, lose weight & improve your health.
  • Track & plan your meals – anytime, anywhere from any Smartphone or tablet. People who track their meals lose twice as much weight as those who go it alone.
  • Check-in whenever you want and keep track of your progress with weight, fitness and food charts.

Learn about healthy living

  • Pop into our fitness forums and chat with other members.
  • Get tips & advice on diet, fitness, health & nutrition from the experts.
  • Explore our ever growing recipe centre with meals for every taste, budget & family

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