Lidl Launch Schools Competition

To celebrate Lidl’s sponsorship of the All-Ireland Post Primary Schools Competition they will be running a 6 week competition in stores throughout the country (15th February-25th March inclusive).

All customers will receive an entry card with each transaction (spend €20 or more for a total of 2 cards) which can be used to vote for your local post primary school to be in with a chance to win a free kit comprised of: A full set of team jerseys, 10 footballs, stirrup pump, full sized kit bag, cones, bibs and water bottles.

To vote, write the number that corresponds with the name of your chosen post-primary school in the circular space provided on the card. The list of school names and their corresponding numbers can be found on the competition entry unit before you exit the store.

If a local post primary school with a ladies football team is not listed there is space on the entry card to write the name of the school.

Entries should placed in the competition box before exiting the store.

The winning school will be formally presented with the kit bag at the store once the competition is closed and entries have been counted.

Go in store to support your local post primary school #serioussupport

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