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Lucan Sarsfields Launch Lucozade Sports Programme

Sarsfields Launch Lucozade Sports Education Programme
in Conjunction with NCTC.


Tuesday 28th June, 7.30 Start, Fluid for Sport and Fuel for Sport.

Monday, 4th July, 7.30 Start, Planning for Success in Sport and
Get Fit for Sport.
Wednesday, 13th July, 7.30 Start, The Female Athlete.

Each Workshop lasts 40 minutes. Open to both players and mentors/coaches
alike (Over 15 years of age). Hosted by NCTC experts.

Content: Fluid for Sport covers areas such as: The importance
of Fluid in sport, fluid requirements for team sports and endurance
events. Importance of hydration in temperature regulation. Tips
on what and when to drink. Explores useful re-hydration tips and
recovery methods.

Fuel for Sport covers the importance of nutrition for sport, the
role of food in optimising performance and training. What to eat
before competition. Fuel requirements for team sports. Focus on
the body’s response to exercie and useful tips and recovery methods.

Planning for Success in Sport covers goal setting, performance
profiling to determine strengths and weaknesses, planning a competitive
season, periodisation, monitoring training response and evaluation
of training plans. Directed at coaches and more experienced athletes.
Get Fit for sport introduces the body’s physiological responses
to training and competition. Answers questions such as the best
way to get fit? Why do muscles hurt 1-2 days after training? What
is the best way to recover from training? What heart rate should
you have at the end of training? Also looks at practical ways
to train for various aspects of physical fitness.

The Female Athlete covers gender differences in sport, body composition
and body image. The influence of hormones, eating disorders, weight
training and the role of exercise inthe prevention of osteoporosis.

All workshops are free of charge!!!!

All workshops will be aimed towards Gaelic Games Please confirm
attendance by email or phone:

087 900 72 66

Lorcán O’ Toole
Games Promotion Officer Lucan Sarsfields GAA Club
12th Lock, Lucan,
Co. Dublin
087 900 72 66

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