Match Reports From Everbuild Féile Atha Cliath

Everbuild Feile Atha Cliath –


Dublin Feile took place on Sat 12/13th of April, 51 teams, 1150 players from 44 clubs took part in this wonderful tournament played across eight venues on the Saturday with the seven divisional finals being hosted by St Peregrines GAA club, Blakestown on the Sunday.


Please see below the match reports from all seven final as reported by Sinead Farrelly.


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Division seven


The opening final of the Feile was the division 7 final contested by St Judes and Tomas Daibhis.

Both teams started well with each side bringing the ball to the opposition’s goals Tomas Daibhis brought themselves more into the game as they started to hold more of the possession and Siobhan Byrne got the first score of the day with a goal.

As they won the kick out they held onto the ball and were then awarded a free which was taken and pointed by Orla McGuigan to extend their early lead.

The Judes midfield battled well to try and get the ball back but the Tomas Daibhis midfield played very well to help the side retain possession.

Daibhis’ Holly Byrne took a shot but it whistled wide past the goal but this was quickly followed by a point from Ciara Heaney as Tomas Daibhis held control of the game.

Daibhis got the possession back again and took a shot but it went wide, however, they kept their hold of the ball and Holly Byrne scored a point and this was followed quickly with another from McGuigan. As half time approached Tomas Daibhis kept their stronghold on the game as Tammy Quinn-Corbally scored another point. At the break in play the score stood at Tomas Daibhis 1-05 to St Judes’ 0-00.

St Judes started the second half well and quickly gained possession of the ball. They took a shot but it went wide, however as Judes held onto the ball they were awarded a free and Sophie Dunworth got her side’s first score as she pointed the ball.

Tomas Daibhis got the ball back again but the Judes midfield played well and the regained possession.

Daibhis won the ball back and came close to scoring a second goal from Tammy Quinn-Corbally, but were denied by the St Judes backs.

Judes twice came close to scoring again but each were saved by the Tomas Daibhis keeper.

A very close final few minutes of play ensued as both teams fought to win possession, however neither team scored.

The game ended with the full time score 1 – 05 to Tomas Daibhis and 0-01 to St Judes.


Division six

The division 6 final was played between Plunketts and O’Dwyers.

There was an intense opening few minutes as Plunketts came in close to the goal and pushed for a score but the O Dwyers backs battled hard and worked well to keep them from scoring. However Plunkett’s Gabby Couch made the breakthrough and scored a point to give her side an early lead.

Plunketts were the stronger side in the opening minutes as they hold the majority of the possession and the O Dwyers backs were pushed very hard. The defence played well though and as Alison Burke took a shot it was saved by Plunketts’ keeper Bolu Abiru.

Plunketts held onto the ball and they were awarded a free in front of the goal and it was pointed by Katie Dolan.

O Dwyers started to get more control of the game as the ball started to be brought further up the field but Plunketts were still a dominating force and their midfield line were able to stop any sign of an O Dwyers attack.

O Dwyers had a good run with two close shots from Erin Healy as she played well with the ball but they both went wide.

At half time the score stood at Plunketts. 0-02, O Dwyers 0-00.

In a quick start Plunketts got underway straight away with two points from Katie Dolan and Anne McSweeney to further extend their early lead and just moments after this again as they kept the pressure on McSweeney scored another point.

O Dwyers’ Erin Healy continued her impressive play as she made a great run up the length of the pitch to get the ball to the other side. They were then awarded a free which she took to keep the possession there but the ball was forced wide by the Plunketts backs.

Plunketts kept piling the pressure on the O Dwyers defence with several more chances in front of the goal, however keeper Abiru played very impressively and kept them at bay.

However Plunketts didn’t let up and Katie Dolan scored her third point of the game, followed swiftly by Anne McSweeney’s first.

O Dwyers’ Erin Healy continued her impressive form as she made a great block but Alison Burke struck again for Plunketts with another pointed score.

As the full time whistle blew Plunketts won with a final scoreline of Plunketts 0-08, O Dwyers 0-00.


Division five

In division five the final was held between Craobh Chiaran and Trinity Gaels.

In a quick start Craobh Chiaran had two shots which went wide and as the ball moved to the other end of the pitch Trinity Gaels took the first blood of the game with a point from Emma Loftus.

Craobh Chiaran got the ball back again and had two wides before Nikita O’Connor scored their first point.

Trinity Gaels had several shots on scoring but each were saved by the Craobh Chiaran keeper but they kept up the pressure as the held possession and Lauren Plummer took a shot but it just inched wide past the posts.

Gaels again were awarded another free which was taken by Plummer but it went wide again.

Craobh Chiaran also took a shot but it dropped short and landed in the hands of the keeper.

Play tightened up and both teams played well as they each fought for the possession of the ball until Nikita O’Connor made the breakthrough again with a goal for Ciaran’s and this was closely followed with two points from Niamh Henderson.

At half time the score was Trinity Gaels 0-01 to Craobh Chiaran’s 1-03.

Cc took the first shot of the second half but it went wide and both teams ensued their battle for possession again but it was finally broken when Trinity Gaels’ Niamh Cummins scored a point.

Craobh Chiaran did not let the dust settle though and just moments later Niamh Heatherton scored two brilliant points.

Ciaran’s Niamh Henderson was awarded a free in front of the goals but it went wide as she aimed for a point.

Trinity Gael’s Emma Loftus brought the side right back into it with a goal and there was just one point separating the two sides.

The teams were then drawn level with a point from Plummer. Trinity Gael’s continued to capitalise on the possession with another two points from Niamh Cummins to bring her side ahead by two points.

Ciaran’s were awarded a free as the seconds counted down to half time and it was taken by Nikita O’Connor with a goal needed to regain the lead but it went wide.

The final score was Trinity Gaels 1-06, Craobh Chiaran 1-04.


Division four

The closest game of the day was the division four final contested between Naomh Mearnog and Cuala.

Both sides started with a wide each as they both wanted to score first.

A hopped ball between the sides gave Cuala possession in front of the goal and Sinead Wild took the first blood of the match with a point and this was quickly followed by a goal as they took a strong early lead.

As a few minutes of close play followed, Naomh Mearnog got their first score of the game with a point from Ciara Holland who followed this up with her second from a free just moments later.

A great block from the Cuala backs kept Naomh Mearnog away from scoring when they got the ball near the goal again.

Two more pointed frees for Naomh Mearnog from Holland again brought the gap between the sides level.

Cuala were awarded two frees but the first went wide while the second dropped short and the Naomh Mearnog backs battled hard to get the ball away.

The scores were level at half time with Naomh Mearnog on 0-04 to Cuala’s 1-01.

Cuala wasted no time in getting the half underway and had two shots just moments in.

A brilliant run from Naomh Mearnog resulted in a point to bring the Portmarnock side into the lead.

The Cuala backs played well as they managed the get the ball away from the Naomh Mearnog forwards as they came in towards the goal and kept them from scoring.

Orlagh Doyle from Cuala made a great run and she scored their second goal as they took the lead. However, it was brought back to one point as Leah McElroy scored a point for Naomh Mearnog as the very tight game did not show any sign of a clear winner.

The sides drew level again with another pointed free from Ciara Holland.

Naomh Mearnog made a great run and had a good chance in front of the goal but the Cuala backs played well to keep them from scoring but Naomh Mearnog did not let up and Holland got another point to bring them back into the lead.

Another pointed free from Holland put the Mearnog lead at 2 points with the clock ticking down. But a late goal from Cuala’s Orlagh Doyle put them back into the lead by one point. And in a game that had plenty of twists and turns and it did not let up when Naomh Mearnog scores their first goal and they were back ahead by 2 points just as the final whistle blew.

At full time Naomh Mearnog were the winners on 1-09 with Cuala on 3-01.


Division three

In division three the final was held between Ballyboden St Ednas and host club St Peregrines.

The game started quickly with both teams vying to make the first impact but Ballyboden took first blood with a goal from Aisling Byrne.

Close play ensued until the home side took the possession and brought the ball to the Ballyboden goal and took a shot but it went wide.

Ballyboden took a free which was scored by Sophie O’Dwyer as they held their early lead.

Both teams played well as they each fought for the possession but Ballyboden began to really take full control of the game with a second goal from Byrne and a point from Hannah Somers to stretch their lead to 8 points.

With another pointed free for Ballyboden from Hannah Murphy they really kept the pressure up on the home side.

Ballyboden went in close on goal again and looked likely to score but the Peregrines keeper kicked the ball away.

Peregrines got control of the ball and brought it to the goal but the Ballyboden backs played well and got the ball away safely.

Just before the half way mark Ballyboden had a wide free and at the break the score was 2-03 to Ballyboden, 0-00 to Peregrines.

Peregrines started the seond half stronger than the first with a point within the opening moments from Aoife Deegan. They soon followed this with another point.

Ballyboden replied right away with a shot on goal which landed safely in the handeds of the keeper. They got the ball immeadiately back however and Jenny McMyler turned it into another goal.

Peregrines got the possession back and they made a great run up the pitch and got the ball to Amy Heagney who tried for a point but it went wide.

Peregrines were awarded a free but it looked to dip down but a fumble in front of the goal led to the ball being tipped over the bar by Heagney.

Ballyboden were then awarded another free for possession but Peregrines cleared it away. The final few moments of the game were again a fight for possession until the full time whistle blew and the final score was Ballyboden 3-03, Peregrines 1-03.


Division two

The penultimate final of the day saw Clontarf taking on Ballinteer St. Johns.

Both teams started well with Clontarf going in towards the goal but the Ballinteer backs intercepted their shots and got the ball away to safety.

Ballinteer then had good chances to score but a free for possession was given away to Clontarf and Caoimhe O’Connor ran the length of the pitch and scored a brilliant long range goal to put her side onto the scoreboard.

A foul on O’Connor gave them a free which she then took a point from.

Clontarf kept the pressure on with two more wides before Ballinteer had a wide of their own.

Sarah Brown kept Clontarf’s lead growing with two more points to bring the gap to 8 points.

Clontarf continued to keep their stronghold on the game with a second goal from Caoimhe O’Connor and a point from Niamh Corry while Ballinteer were yet to score.

Clontarf kept the pressure on with another wide which was quickly followed by another goal from Corry.

Half time and the score stood at Clontarf 3-04 to Ballinteer 0-00.

As the second half got underway Clontarf came in close to the goal but the Ballinteer backs were able to keep them out.

As Ballinteer brought the ball to the other end of the pitch they forced the Clontarf backs to work hard as they pushed for a score but went wide.

Ballinteer’s Anna Horgan took two shots, one from a free, but both went wide; however just moments later she scored a goal for her side.

Clontarf did not wait long to reply though and Caoimhe O’Connor scored her third goal of the game.

As some very tight play followed, each side had a series of wide shots.

Just before the final whistle blew, Clontarf were awarded a free and Sarah Browne scored one last point. At full time the score stood at Clontarf 4-05 to Ballinteer’s 1-00.


Division one

The final fixture of the day held the division one final of Foxrock-Cabinteely against Kilmacud Crokes.

Fox Cab started the stronger side with an impact right away with two successive wides straight from the whistle. Kilmacud followed this with a wide as well soon after.

Foxrock held most of the possession for the opening minutes and they capitalised on this with a point from half forward Christina Hammel and a goal from Michelle Kong.

They soon after added another point to their scoreboard.

Niamh Walsh and Kate O’Connor each took shots for Crokes, while Michelle Kong had a close goal chance for Foxrock as both teams battled for domination of the game.

At half time the score was Foxrock Cabinteely 1-02, Kilmacud Crokes 0-02.

Crokes started the half off brilliantly with a goal from Grace Kos that looked like it was going to be a point but it dipped just under the bar. As they kept the pressure up Sinéad O’Donoghue took a shot but it went wide.

Foxrock’s Emma Murphy replied with two long range shots for her side however she could not get the score.

Foxrock got the ball back in front of the Crokes goal and tried for a goal but it bounced back off the keeper, Mica Malone tried again but it was saved by a Crokes back and she cleared it away to safety.

Crokes regained possession from a free and Sinéad O’Donoghue had another good chance but the Foxrock backs worked well to keep her from scoring.

Crokes won the ball back again and kept the pressure on but were unable to capitalise on their possession and remained two points behind as the clock started ticking down.

As Foxrock were awarded a free which gave them back the ball Michelle Kong tried again for a score but it went wide.

At full time Foxrock-Cabinteely were winners with a final score of 1-02 to Kilmacud Crokes’ 1-00.


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