Motions and Amendments Passed at Annual Congress

Following last weekend’s LGFA Annual Congress in Enniscrone, County Sligo the following motions were passed and the rules shall be amended accordingly.


Congress 2016 – Results of Motions





Add to Rule 20 to read:

The Secretary/CEO shall have charge of correspondence, keeping of records and recording of minutes of meetings. Such minutes, having been proposed and adopted, shall be signed by the Chairperson/President.

The Secretary/CEO shall submit an annual report at the Annual General meeting, County or Provincial Convention and Annual Congress.

The Secretary shall hand over to the (incoming) executive/management committee all minutes and records held, upon retirement at the end of the year or upon resignation at any time during the year as all documentation is the property of the club/county board/provincial council/central council. Failure to do so may be investigated by a committee of the next highest level of the organisation. Deliberate failure to do so shall involve suspension until furnished.




Rule 38: Add to first paragraph: “And operate such affairs as requested by the committee” to read:

The Treasurer shall have charge of all financial affairs of Club, School and College Committees, County Boards, Provincial and Central Council and operate such affairs as requested by the committee.

Employed Financial Administrators of the Association shall be responsible for the day to day financial transactions to the relevant Treasurer(s) and Management Committee of the Association.

A Financial Report shall be presented at each meeting of Club and County Committee, Provincial and Central Councils and to each meeting of the Management Committee of Central Council. The reports shall also show how funds are invested.

A Financial Report supported by bank statements shall be presented at Annual Meetings, Conventions and Congress and as requested by the governing bodies.




Add to Rule 49 as (e):

U/14 Players under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Council of Britain.

(Fee of £1 to County Board, £1 to Provincial Council and £1 to Central Council)



Add to Rule 69 as (e):

U/14 Players under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Council of Britain.





Amend Rule 105 to read:

All International Units shall forward through the electronic system a list of their Clubs and players together with a Registration Fee of €2 (Euro) per person to the LGFA office in Croke Park by the 1st June each year.

However Units which participate in competitions in Ireland must pay the Full Registration Fee as laid out in Rule 49.

Exception: Australasia, which will pay an agreed annual fee.


Management                      Add to Rule 107

“A player wishing to transfer to a NACB or Canadian club, from any jurisdiction outside the NACB or Canadian control….”


Amend Rule 109 to include:

For Permits issued to players intending to play in the North American Board area, the permit shall be issued at the grade of the last championship match played in either that year or the preceding year.




Rule 151

Remove “Club” in 1st line.






Amend Rule 161 to read:

The Academic Year shall be from 1st September to the 31st August of the following year. The AGM must be held by 31st October, with the exemption of the Higher Education Colleges AGM which must be held in April of the Academic year






Add to beginning of Rule 172

“Clubs may forward motions and……..”





Add to Rule 180 to read:

The powers and functions of divisional and any other sub-committees shall be as defined by the County Board. They must forward their proposals for ratification to a full County Board meeting. However, the investigation Committees shall comply with the provisions contained in Rules 265 to 272.




Rule 199 (b)

Add “and plays her club football in”




Amend Rule 223 to read:

A Club which wins the Provincial Junior or Intermediate Championship must move up a grade for the following year’s Championship.

However, a club which wins the British Intermediate Club Championship may play in the British Intermediate Provincial and All Ireland championship the following year unless they won the All Ireland Intermediate championship whereby they are automatically deemed to be of senior standard.

A Club that wins the Junior or Intermediate County Championship in Britain, must move up a grade within the County for the next year’s Championship





Add to Rule 238:

The new official guide to be uploaded to the LGFA website within 8 weeks of congress.





Amend Rule 250 (b) and (c) to read:

  • A Disciplinary Committee which should consist of two representatives from each Province


The Disciplinary Committee shall deal with all matters of discipline and shall have the power to exonerate, or impose suspensions, fines or such sanctions as they deem necessary. There shall be a right of appeal against their decisions to Central Council.


  • A National Appeals Committee which should consist of two representatives from each Province


The National Appeals Committee shall deal with appeals from or decisions of Provincial Council and shall have the power to impose penalties, fines, suspensions, exonerate, or review sanctions where strict adherence to the original decision imposed undue hardship and for the overall good of the Association, or re-fix games as they deem necessary.


There shall be a right of appeal against their decisions to Central Council.





Add to Rule 268 after the first sentence:

The parties shall be notified in writing of any proposed investigation. They must be given the opportunity to present their case and call relevant witnesses.






Amend Rule 321 to read:

A player who wishes to leave one club to join another club must apply for a transfer. Players who have not fielded for their club for a period of 3 years are exempt from transfer rules providing other eligibility conditions are satisfied








Rule 338:  Change “may” to “shall” to read:

Any County which does not participate in the National League shall not be allowed to play in that years All Ireland Championship.


Amend Rule 362 to read:                                  

Adult (Junior/Intermediate/Senior) county club championships must be                          concluded at least 7 days in advance of the first round of the provincial club championships provided such county received at least 4 weeks’ notice from the provincial council of the date of commencement of the provincial club championships.  Failure to do so shall entail removal from the Inter- provincial club championships unless otherwise exempted by provincial council.




Amend Rule 362 by deleting “first round” and replacing it with “when they are due to play in” to read as follows:


County Club Championships must be concluded at least 7 days in advance of when they are due to play in the Provincial Club Championship, provided such County received at least 4 weeks’ notice from the Provincial Council of the date of commencement of the Provincial Club Championship. Failure to do so shall result in the clubs removal from the Inter-Provincial Club Championship, unless otherwise exempted by Provincial Council.                                             Passed 95:3






New Rule after 413

Any player who requires corrective eyewear and wants to wear glasses to participate in Ladies Gaelic Football must wear glasses that use durable, unbreakable polycarbonate for the lens and have durable unbreakable frames as advised by an optometrist to play Gaelic games.


Amend Rule 414 to read:

From 1st January 2017, all players must wear a mouth guard while playing Ladies Gaelic Football in all Games and Practice Sessions, unless advised otherwise, in writing, not to do so by a qualified Doctor or Dentist.

Becomes operative on 1st January 2017.





Add to Rule 473 (f)

“or free kick”



Insert to Rule 474 at (b) and

(b) High Tackle.



Add to Rule 475 at (g)

“Deliberate sliding tackle”

Passed 62:34




Dublin           (Motion taken with Galway and Leitrim motions below)                                                                                                                          

Amend Rule 477 to read:


If a foul occurs, the referee may allow play to continue, if s/he considers this to be to the advantage of the offended team. S/he shall signal that advantage by raising an arm upright, and shall allow the advantage to run by maintaining his/her arm in the upright position for up to five seconds after the foul, or for less time if it becomes clear that no advantage has accrued. If s/he deems no advantage to have accrued, s/he may subsequently award a free for the foul from where it occurred except where the foul occurs inside the thirteen metre line, in which case the referee shall award the free from the 13 metre line opposite to where the foul occurred other than provisions as set out in Rule 498. Disciplinary action, if warranted, may be applied to the offender, who, in any event, should be advised by the referee at the next break in play, that a foul had been committed.  


Passed 71:27





Add to Rule 514:                                                              

(k)  Additional time for time taken to caution a player receiving a yellow or red card.


Amended to

(j) Add on additional time for substitutions to be made and time taken to caution a player receiving a yellow or red card

Passed 87:10





Delete Rule 518

In cases of rough or dangerous play, the referee shall caution or send off the player, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Passed 72:28




Amend Rule 524 to read:

The team lists and referees match report shall remain the property of the Committee or Council in charge of the fixture and shall not be issued to any other party except to a person who is the subject of a disciplinary hearing as a result of a complaint made in a referees report.                          Withdrawn

Management to come back with proposal to Central Council.





Underage games and training be allowed to go ahead on the Friday of the All Ireland weekend.

Passed 63:31 (for underage only)




Officers elected for 2017


Assistant Secretary: Kathleen Kane (Sligo)


Treasurers:   Mary Connolly (Tyrone)

Geraldine Carey (Roscommon)


Development Officer: Con Moynihan (Galway)


Culture & Language Officer: Hugh Devenney (Donegal)

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