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Munster Ladies Gaelic Football - Seminar with A Difference

Ladies Gaelic Football – Seminar with A Difference.

Ladies Gaelic Football – Seminar with A Difference.

Munster Ladies Gaelic football Association held
a rules seminar on Wednesday night 22nd February
in the G.A.A Hall Kilmallock. Five Counties from
the Province Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary &
Waterford were strongly represented from club coaches,
officers, refereees, umpires, schools officials,
County Officers, players, Provincial officers amounting
to over 100 people to converge on the South Limerick
town to further educate themselves on the various
changes the Association have accounted in recent
times. National rules officer Pat Quill made the
long jouney from Wexford to deliver the rules and
he made a massive contribution to all present. The
members got involved from the outset asking questions
and quering any concerns they had about the game.

Master of Cermonies Munster President Michael Ryan
ensured everyone got an opportunity to partake as
he relaxed the evening with a few funny incidents
Michael was himself deemed to be a good free taker
and he would practise the skill a lot in his spare
time and on one occassion so he says he took a penalty
and the enevitable happened he missed and a few
evenings later he was in the local pub and a member
of the club was there and whether it was consolation
to Michael or not he told him he would not blame
him for missing the penalty he would blame the fellow
who allowed Michael take it. To the serious data
relly taking a penalty would be classed as serious
but Michael Ryan will never be in a position to
take a penalty for ladies Gaelic football, however
he can show the correct way it’s done.

The code of ethics was briefly covered by George
Young Development Officer informing all to contact
the Munster office or George himself for available
dates for the course. He stressed the importance
for all areas of our association to ensure it is
completed. The officers role was covered by Vice
President Dan O Mahony and he had information booklets
available to those present and again to any clubs
who would like further training in this area contact
the Provincial office or Dan himself and he will
arrange the necessary. Maire Halvey Secretary spoke
of the Aims & Objectives of the seminar to bring
uniform interpretation of the ladies Gaelic rules
for schools, clubs and Counties and to build a relationship
with all referees in a friendly environment also
on the completition of the referees report to document
everything. Sharon O Keeffe registrar ensured everybody
signed in giving all relevant information for Munster
records. Each delegate received a folder with information
on all areas of the Association for their own personal
benefit. Two Inter County players Donna Frost Waterford
and Angie McDermott Tipperary gave their experiences
and also spoke in favour of the SINBIN saying it
has eliminated a lot of dirty issues from the game.
Angie spoke from experience saying that she was
in the dreaded bin and as a result it has made her
very consious of fouling. Donna asked the referees
if they could commmunicate more to players by informing
them of fouls they may make as said Donna we may
not realise we are doing it. Mike O Connor Limerick,
Inter County referee enquired of the girls if they
had done a rules course, an area which should be
looked into good on you Mike, player education.
John O Keeffe a long time member of the Provincial
referees panel wanted to know from the girls the
managers perspective on referees as to whether they
were a soft touch or otherwise and both ladies diplomitacially
informed all that they were responible for their
actions and that they would be briefed on changes
to the game and that to accept the decision of the
referee as he is always right.

A lot of work completed in an enjoyable manner with
huge interaction from the floor on all aspects covered.
A lot of people present are new members to the association
and it is testament to all involved of the huge
strides that have been made since 1974. As a follow
up to this seminar Munster Ladies will be organising
a practical seminar in the late summer for all referees.
County Boards were also advised not to appoint referees
who have not attended rules seminars. Realistically
it is only correct as our players, managers, coaches
deserve referees who educate themselves and keep
up to date on changes of our game seminars are for
all members this to ensure a level playing field.

With the enthasium in Kilmallock tonight it can
only lead to positives for the association. The
very best of luck to everyone involved in the coming
months and most importantly enjoy our wonderful

Any queries on areas/ issues of ladies Gaelic contact
the Munster Office 061 352666 or 087 2520550 we
will be glad to help

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