New LGFA Club-School Link Programme Launched

The most formidable chains are forged by the strongest links. Within a community setting there can be no greater good than that of the members of that community. Two pillars of any Irish community are the local LGFA club and the school. Both provide rounded social, cultural, sporting, and educational experiences for everyone who passes through their gates.

The LGFA has developed the Club-School link programme that will provide a tool and mechanisms in which both pillars of the community can utilize their unique, skillsets, facilities, and relationships to enhance the community experience for all in a collaborative and common purpose.

This programme aims to solidify and formalise links between the two parties with an agreed level of engagement that can see previous relationships enhanced or new partnerships or links developed. The programme provides the opportunity for the pillars to move gradually together and become closer aligned to promote healthy lifestyles, learning, as well as all round fun and enjoyment for all stakeholders.

Varying resources, time and existing relations, clubs and schools may wish to firstly aim to achieve a bronze level of award in the initial year with the intention of progressing to a higher level of award in silver or gold in the proceeding years as the partnership develops and levels of engagement rise. The ability to choose the levels of engagement are one of the real strengths of this programme with each club having the option to reflect on what both they and the club will be able to offer in the initial stages.

Depending on the setting, pupils become players and vice versa and the environment is created where both settings go hand in hand and create a space for our young people to be nurtured and to grow. They, in essence, become extensions of each other. Possible use of shared facilities can also be a factor in more urban areas where playing space for our young participants may be limited, thus, giving them the space in which to grow, experience fun and become life ling participants in their own community setting.

A unified or joint approach can have even wider ranging positives for both club and school. The profile of both can be raised within the community giving community leaders and residents a knowledge of the ethos and values of both pillars as well as leading to a new cohort of volunteers that can assist with the running of both club and school both day to day and at large annual events. The opportunity to upskill teachers and empower them to incorporate Gaelic football into their sporting or physical education contact time with pupils is a direct product of employing the club-school link programme.

Getting involved in the programme is very simple and this is formed by a three-step process.

Step 1

Complete the expression of Interest online form from between January 1st to 1st April. All sites, of registered interest, will receive the Club School Agreement document and further instructions. LGFA Club-School Link Expression of Interest

Step 2

Complete and submit the Agreement between the club and school at programme commencement or within three weeks of expression of interest submission

Step 3

Fully complete and submit the Recognition document at the conclusion of the programme within the month of November

Clubs and schools who complete the programme will be officially recognised by the LGFA as Bronze, Silver, or, Gold standard Club-School link clubs.

Full details on the programme is available at


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