New York Arrive in Dublin

On Wednesday the 25th of August the New York Ladies met at 7pm in JFK Airport. Thursday the 25th, after a nap and some inflight movies the New Yorkers landed in Dublin airport at 9.50am. Bags collected and out to the arrivals hall to be greeted by the President of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association Pat Quill.

The travelling party was then escorted to Croke Park where they received a guided tour of Croke Park which culminated in a welcome buffet lunch. They were formally welcomed by President Pat Quill, who reinforced the importance of the overseas units to Ladies Gaelic. Not only do they spread the word of Ladies Gaelic but they can also be an important base for Irish people who have moved abroad.

Chairperson of the New York Ladies Board Rosie O’Reilly thanked Ladies Gaelic for their hospitality and expressed how excited they are about returning to the TG4 Junior Championship. It was a big commitment for the New York women to decide to re-enter the Championship. They are in Ireland to hopefully play a Quarter Final against Carlow and then a Semi Final against Wexford. If all goes to plan they will head back to New York for a rest before returning for the All Ireland final. That’s the plan….. other teams may be hoping to save them the flight!

Based in the Talbot Hotel in Carlow the New York team will undoubtedly be trying to get some well-earned rest before they take on Carlow on Saturday the 27th in Eire Og GAA Club at 5.30.

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