One Club Model Guidelines

The GAA, Ladies Gaelic Football Association and the Camogie Association each have their own membership,
governance and traditions. The associations work in a co-operative fashion to promote the playing
of Gaelic games. Notwithstanding their separate formal identities, the defacto integration of GAA,
Ladies Gaelic Football and Camogie is happening on a widespread basis around the country. Each of the
associations recognises the benefits of a One Club approach in promoting the playing of Gaelic games at
both juvenile and adult level. Adopting a One Club approach facilitates catering for the whole family in an
integrated fashion.

A One Club approach is already working successfully on the ground in many clubs throughout Ireland
and, pending any formal integration in the future, the associations are committed to encouraging and
supporting the model whereby clubs cater for all family members, both male and female.


The associations regularly field questions from clubs on the practicalities of how to bring existing GAA and
Ladies Football/Camogie clubs together. The three associations have reviewed how existing One Clubs
operate and, based on this feedback, have set out in this document Guidelines for the effective operation of
a One Club structure. The Guidelines seek to provide clubs with a broad framework in which to operate and
do not seek to be all encompassing. The Guidelines are not mandatory. The exact detail of implementation
will differ based on the particular set of circumstances but are provided for the benefit of those clubs
wishing to enter into a One Club structure in a spirit of goodwill and for existing One Clubs seeking to apply
best practice.

We hope that the One Club Guidelines will assist clubs in their efforts to promote our games within One
Gaelic Games Family.


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