Provincial Winter Referee Training Hubs to Take Place

Supporting a recent study carried out by DCU, the LGFA have embarked on rolling out their winter training hubs across all four provinces to support all National and Provincial LGFA match officials in the area of Injury Prevention and Conditioning for the upcoming 2024 season.


Each match official will receive a fully individualised winter training plan to aid them in the build up to the fitness assessments in January.


The training hubs will consist of an in-person session with David Lernihan, National Development Officer with remit for Match Official Development, in each of the four provinces over the coming weeks with the aim to have the Match Officials starting their winter training on the 1st of November. They will receive their training plans then and will have online check ins throughout.


We hope this initiative will be a success and will aid National and Provincial LGFA match officials for seasons to come.

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