Referee Profile: Maggie Farrelly

We couldn’t have a match without them but they are the least recognised people on a football pitch so starting with history maker, Maggie Farrelly, we are going to introduce our referees through their individual profiles!

19 March 2016; Referee Maggie Farrelly, Cavan, indicates a free kick for pushing. TG4 Ladies Football All-Star Tour, 2014 All Stars v 2015 All Stars. University of San Diego, Torero Stadium, San Diego, California, USA. Picture credit: Brendan Moran / SPORTSFILE *** NO REPRODUCTION FEE ***

Name: Maggie Farrelly

County: Cavan

When did you start refereeing? 2006

What do you think is the toughest part of refereeing? Getting a hot shower after a game…

What is your favourite aspect of refereeing? People you meet, new friends you make.

If you could change one thing about refereeing what would it be? Nothing to change

If there was one rule you would like managers to be more aware of what would it be? Its compulsory for all  underage players to wear their own gum shields to play and not one belonging to a sub (believe me I have seen this done).

If there was one rule you would like players to be more aware of what would it be? Tackle on the ball, not on the body.

Most embarrassing moment on the field: Probably have a few, the one that sticks out in my mind, refereeing the ulster Intermediate championship semi final last year between Glenelly (Tyrone) and Lisnaskea (Fermanagh). I was running backwards watching a kick out and tripped in my loose laces and fell over. Needlessly to say I got a few cheers from the crowd to let me know it didn’t go unnoticed…

The highest point of your career to date: Refereed Senior All Ireland Final in 2014 with Cork V Dublin

What advice would you give to upcoming referees? Every day is a school day

Sportsperson you would most like to meet: Steven Gerrard

What other sports are you interested in? All sports really

Last film you watched: Not good at finding time to watch films, so I can’t remember…

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Anywhere where the sun shines and it’s warm all year round…

What would you not leave home without? My Football Bag

What is your ultimate goal as a referee? To continue to enjoy refereeing.

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