REVIEW: Connacht Super Games 2020: Thursday Night Lights

Connacht LGFA hosted the first-ever Super Games for LGFA in late 2019 and early 2020, for all players in Connacht at the U14 age group, at the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence.

All U14 club players from Connacht’s five Counties were invited to attend. The games are 9-a-side and last for 12 minutes.

This provided girls with an informal playing opportunity, and the emphasis was not on winning, rather taking part and having fun.

Players also had the opportunity to play in new positions, a chance they may not have had at club level. There was no coach input, so players focused on their own development.

All players played for over an hour, with no substitutes at any time. Players were assigned teams when they arrived and it meant girls got the opportunity to play with other girls from other counties, and make new friendships.

Over 74 girls took part in this first-ever event, which proved popular with a variety of players. Some wanted to come and have fun, others to actually get some playing time rather than being a sub.

This format was based on the GAA Super Games – which were developed to provide playing opportunities for players who may not normally get regular club games through traditional competitive structures.

The aim for 2020 is that each county will run a Super Games Centre in December 2020, and Connacht LGFA will run one again in January 2021.

Well done to all the girls involved, their coaches and parents who brought them, and the referees and staff who supported this initiative.

Thank you to Connacht GAA for their support and the use of their facilities.


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