Royal Gaels Overwhelm Blackhall Gales

Blackhall Gaels knew that they were in for a serious challenge when they travelled to Dunshaughlin on Sunday evening. Their neighbours Royal Gaels were topping the table, and Blackhall were missing a few players for the start of the match. The odds were stacked against them, but they came ready to put up a fight and maybe pull off a bit of a shock.

The first half was an intense affair. The sides had an even enough share of possession, but Royal Gaels were much more clinical in their shooting. Blackhall had a few unfortunate wides, but were well in this game at half time. The score was Royal Gaels 0-7 Blackhall 0-1 at the break.

The feeling in the Blackhall camp was that a goal early in the second half could turn the tide in their favour. However, it was Royal Gaels who got the start Blackhall needed, scoring two goals in rapid succession. After that, the contest was pretty much over, although you wouldn’t have thought so with the way both sides played. The battles going on around the pitch were ferocious right up to the final whistle. Royal Gaels were comfortable winners in the end, with a score of 4-16 to Blackhall’s 0-4.

Needless to say, the score does not reflect well on Blackhall, but this was by no means a bad performance. The ladies can be particularly proud of their first half and of their determination even when the match got away from them. Helen Murphy was outstanding as always at centre back, making support runs all the way up the field and getting her own point while she was at it. Ann Murphy sent in great ball to the forwards and fought hard to win every ball that came near her. Leona Nestor put in a serious shift in her old No. 7 jersey, almost losing her jaw in the process. Amy Crosbie started her first football match and attacked every ball. Lisa and Bia Kelly worked off each other perfectly as always, and sister Suzanne was an influential addition when she arrived straight from work. In fact, all the subs made an impact when they were introduced, giving a new burst of energy when girls had pushed themselves to the limit. They didn’t get the win, but they’re definitely heading in the right direction.


Blackhall Team: 1. Sarah O’Keane 2. Emer Keane 3. Kate Murphy 4. Rose O’Donnell 5. Niamh Keane 6. Helen Murphy 7. Leona Nestor 8. Ann Murphy 9. Paula Dunne 10. Amy Crosbie 11. Lisa Kelly 12. Sarah Ledden 13. Aileen Coyle 14. Sabrina Kelly 15. Amy Nicholson

Subs: Caroline Griffin for Amy Crosbie, Suzanne Kelly for Sarah Ledden, Fran Nolan for Amy Nicholson, Lorraine Devaney for Rose O’Donnell.


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