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Gaelic Master plan 2005


Master Plan 2005

30th Jan – Outstanding Suzuki National
League Games
6th Feb – SNL – Round 2 – Div. 1,2,3,4
13th Feb Dowd Cup
20th Feb – SNL – Round 3 – Div. 1,2,3,4

27th Feb -SNL – Round 4 – Div. 1,2,3,4
4th Mar Senior Post Primary Semi Finals (over
by this date), extra time if necessary. (C v M,
L v U)
4 -6th Mar – Annual Congress (Tyrone)
6th Mar – SNL – Round 5 – Div.3a
11th Mar – Junior Post Primary Schools
Semi Finals (over by this date), extra time if
necessary (C v M, L v U)
13th Mar – SNL – Round 5 – Div. 1,2,3b,4
Round 6 – Div 3b
19th/20th Mar – O’Connor Cup SNL – Div.
1 – Playoffs
27th Mar – SNL – Round 7 -Div. 3a, Div
2 & 4 Playoffs, Div. 1 Quarter Finals
3rd Apr – SNL – Div.1 Semi Finals, Div.
3 Playoffs
8th Apr – Senior Post Primary Schools Finals
(over by this date), extra time
10th Apr – SNL – Div. 2, 3 Quarter Finals.
Div 4 – Semi Finals
15th Apr – Junior Post Primary Schools
Finals (over by this date), extra time
16th Apr – SNL – Div 2, 3 Semi Finals
17th Apr – Suzuki National League Div.
1 Final
24th Apr – Suzuki National League Div.
4 Final
1st May – Suzuki National League Div 2
& 3 Finals
28/29th May – Interprovincial Tournament
4th June – U/14 Semi Finals (C v L, M v
18th June – All Ireland U/14 Final
25th June – U/16 Semi Finals (C v L, M
v U)
1-3rd July – Féile Peil na nOg (Limerick)

3rd July – Leinster Junior Championship
Quarter Finals
9th July – All Ireland U/18 Semi Finals

16th July – All Ireland U/16 Final
23rd July – All Ireland U/18 Final
31st July – TG4 Leinster & Ulster Finals

7th Aug – TG4 Connacht & Munster Finals

14th Aug -TG4 All Ireland Junior Quarter
Final B (h) v U
20th Aug – All Ireland U/14 Blitz (Mullingar)

27th Aug – TG4 Senior Championship Quarter
Finals Intermediate Championship Quarter Finals

3rd Sept – TG4 Junior Championship Semi
Finals C v L(h), U/B v M
10th Sept – TG4 Senior Championship Semi
Finals L v C, U v M
1st Oct – All Ireland Club Seven -a- Sides

2nd Oct – TG4 Junior & Senior Championship
23rd Oct – All Ireland Junior Club Quarter
Final M(h) v C All Ireland Intermediate Club Quarter
Final C(h) v M
6th Nov – All Ireland Club Semi Finals
– Junior – B v C/M, U v L Inter – B v C/M, U v
L Senior – M(h) v L, U(h) v C
13th Nov – National League – Round 1
27th Nov – All Ireland Senior Club Finals
(Senior & Junior/Intermediate)
4th Dec – All Ireland Junior/Intermediate
Club Final



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