St. Paul's Encourage Future Coaches

See a special report from St Paul’s Bessbrook in Armagh where girls are doing it for themselves. As part of a new initiative from Ulster Ladies Gaelic Football, 16/17 year-old girls are being coached so that THEY can become the coaches of the future. 

‘The girls were brilliant’, says Master Coach Maggie Farrelly who put the teenagers through a two-day ‘Unlocking the Potential’ pilot course in the school, with one day in the classroom and one day of practical experience. ‘This course has given those with potential a bit of confidence and a starting point to go into coaching’.


Apart from the likes of Monaghan manager Paula Cunningham, Ladies Football is dominated by male coaches but Ciaran Murtagh from Ulster LGFA hopes to change the mindset: ‘Traditionally Daddy becomes the Coach but we are targeting girls at a young age and we want them to go back to their clubs and deliver sessions there’. 


‘Ulster is lagging behind and we are losing 18-year-olds but this is a long-term strategy and we have to build from the grass roots up to break the mould. Ultimately, we hope this will encourage more young girls to play our games’. 


In March, Ulster will host a Conference focussing on Female Participation in Gaelic Sport, scheduled for March 11th at the Armagh City Hotel.

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