TG4 Junior Championship Draw

The TG4 Junior Championship draw has been made and can be seen below


TG4 All Ireland Junior Championship 2017

Group A                                  Group B

            British Winner                         Antrim

            British R-Up                             Derry

            Carlow                                     Fermanagh



Group 1                                                          Group 2

Round 1: Britain R-Up (H) v Kilkenny                         Round 1: Derry (H) v Fermanagh     

Round 1: British Winner (H) v Carlow           Round 1: Antrim Bye


Round 2: Kilkenny (H) v British Winner         Round 2: Fermanagh (H) v Antrim   

Round 2: Carlow (H) v Britain R-Up               Round 2: Derry Bye


Round 3: Kilkenny (H) v Carlow                     Round 3: Antrim (H) v Derry

Round 3: Britain R-Up (H) v British Winner   Round 3: Fermanagh Bye


Semi Final 1                                        Semi Final 2

1st Group A v 2nd Group B                   1st Group B v 2nd Group A


Winner SF 1     v          Winner SF 2


TG4 Junior Regulations


  • A winner on the day for all games. If teams are level after full time one period of extra time will be played followed by a 30m shoot out as per rule.
  • If 2 teams are level on points at the top of the table the winner of the game in the series between these teams tops the table.
  • If 3 teams are tied on points at the top of the table. The following shall apply
    • 3 teams in a hat 
    • Two teams drawn out
    • (1) The winner of the original fixture between these teams progresses to be drawn against the remaining team.
    • (2) The winner of the original fixture of above and the remaining team is deemed to be number 1 in the group
    • (3) The team deemed in second place is the winner of – the original fixture between loser of above (2) against the loser of fixture (1). The loser of this original game is deemed in third place.


  • There will be no extra time in the TG4 Junior Championship Final.
  • The County who wins the TG4 Junior Championship will be promoted to Intermediate in 2018.



TG4 Junior Fixture Dates:


Round 1                      29th / 30th July 

Round 2                     12th/ 13th August

Round 3                     26th / 27th August

Semi Finals                3rd September

TG4 Final                     24th September



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