Top expert on Nutrition and exercise physiology

top sports expert on Nutrition and exercise
physiology, to lecture in Ireland

Liam Kelleher

Having been involved at every level in Sport
for the past 35 years at administrative, managerial
and coaching level, I now am directing most of
my attention in sport to the important area of
Nutrition in Sport. The importance of proper training
in sport cannot be underestimated neither can
the whole food nutritional aspect, which is even
more important now in our drug culture society.

I have worked with thousands of people in sport,
particularly in the coaching capacity, with athletes
for 30 years, which included 3 Olympians. I have
been Manager of various Irish teams including
teams at Europa cup level, as well as Manager
of teams for European and World Junior and Senior
Championships. I have attended 7 Olympic games,
ironically not Athens, because of disillusionment
with the drug culture I have been to all the World
Track and field championships, as editor of Marathon
Magazine, from Helsinki in 1983 to Paris in 2003.

In recent years I became involved in Ladies Football
and have been involved with 8 All-Ireland Cork
winning underage teams since 2,000, 4 under 14,
2 under 16 and 2 Minor. I have also been National
PRO for Athletics and Ladies Football. In all
that time I have been asked many times for a recipe
for success and the answer is simple, hard work
and commitment.

Going back to the start in Midleton in 1970 we
trained 5 mornings a week before school and 4
evenings a week after school, and you might think
people train hard today, some do but the vast
majority do not. As well as training nutrition
has played a huge role. I have a huge library
of books on the subject, but none of them compares
with a book I got earlier this year called THE
WINNING EDGE. Fuelling & Training The Body for
Peak Performance By Jack Medina M.A

Jack Medina is America’s No 1 fitness consultant,
his firm Designs for Fitness is dedicated to educating
the public about nutrition, exercise, stress management
and injury prevention. Jack Medina’s success led
him to International Competition where he worked
with many of the top gymnasts in the world. He
also served as a strength and conditioning consultant
for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle
Seahawks and Golden State Warriors. Jack implemented
and supervised a “Stress Management-Wellness”
program for Los Alamos National Laboratory and
their 10,000 employees. Jack Medina has been lecturing
throughout the World for more than thirty years,
inspiring thousands of people to take charge of
their lives. He is the author of numerous articles
on Health issues, an active member of the American
College of Sports Medicine, and a certified Fitness
Specialist by the Cooper Aerobics Centre in Dallas,
Texas, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Design’s for fitness Jacks consultancy “ Designs
for Fitness” is a firm dedicated to educating
the public about nutrition, exercise, stress management
and injury prevention. Jack Medina has been designing
fitness programs for people of all ages and abilities
for more than twenty years. He lectures throughout
the World, inspiring people to improve their personal
wellness and live more balanced, healthy lives.
His unique ability to motivate his audiences through
his highly informative and exceptionally entertaining
seminars have brought him world-wide recognition
and appreciation. His dynamic and eloquent delivery,
mixed with good humour and demonstrations, make
Jack Medina’s presentations a thoroughly enjoyable
experience Sad story Jack tells the story of a
little 14 year old girl who died of anorexia,
whom he had met at a Summer Gymnastics class when
she was 10. Jack did not even know she was sick.
”So over this girls graveside I made a promise
to her that I would find out what happened inside
her body. And I started to study nutrition and
exercise physiology, I found out what happened
and I have dedicated the rest of my life to that
little girl. I now travel the world speaking on
“fact and fantasy in Nutrition and Exercise’

Topics: Some of the topics he talks about are:
A balanced programme that works, the timing of
meals, the key to weight and fat loss, the importance
of protein. Water it’s a miracle, finding the
right fuel balance. The myth about sports drinks.
Exercise energy systems. Training systems. What
are you training for? The concept of total fitness,
designing an exercise programme. The perfect programme.
Resistance and strength training. Fact and fantasy
about strength training for women. Children and
strength training. Muscle soreness. Flexibility.
Stretching. Treating injuries. What to eat before,
during and after exercise, carbohydrates. The
advantage of natural nutrition for peak performance.
Antioxidants vs. Free radicals. High protein drinks
for athletes. Managing stress. Drugs in sport.
The dangers of Creatine which is not on the banned
list. He has stated “How would you feel as a parent
if I told your son “go ahead and take Creatine,
the risk involved is minimal’. Then 7 years later
he has cancer of the liver because I didn’t know.
Schools like Michigan State and UCLA do not allow
any supplements of any kind on their athletic
programme. This is the kind of school I would
want my son to attend”

Wholefood supplements: Jack does recommend whole
food supplements and he explains why, those based
on fruits and vegetables, are vital in building
up the immune system compared to chemical substances
which harm the body. Jack will spend 10 days in
Ireland giving talks, that no health conscious
and sports conscious person should miss.

Venues Dates and times. Nov 4th Christy’s Hotel
Blarney 8pm. Nov 5th Abbeygate Hotel Tralee 8pm.
Nov 6th Fermoy Rowing Club 2pm. Nov 7th Camentrigane
Hotel Castletownbere 4pm. Nov 8th Anner Hotel
Thurles 8pm; Nov 9th ALSAA Dublin Airport 8pm
Nov 10 Auburn Ennis 8pm Nov 11th Rochestown Pk
Cork 8pm: Nov 15th Dundrum Hotel Tipperary 8pm;
Nov 16th Waterford Crystal Sports Centre 7.30pm
Nov 17th Fitzpatricks Hotel Bunratty Limerick

Tickets available from Fr. Liam Kelleher, Grenagh
Co Cork €5: Tel 087-8516984 or local contact email

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