Tyrone County Board Confirmed

Despite speculation that he would step aside, Sigersons clubman Martin Conway has been returned as chairman of the Tyrone ladies county board for a sixth year. Mr Conway had indicated that he was going to allow someone else to take the role but with late withdrawals of two potential candidates he was persuaded to remain, although he pointed out afterwards to a packed AGM that this would be his final term.

There was one major change in the executive as long standing vice chairman Patsy McCrory was defeated by Urney’s Veronica McMenamin in a straight contest for the position. Tributes from the top table towards “Mr Badoney” Patsy McCrory were echoed from the floor, his long service was appreciated by all and it was hoped he would consider another position in the executive.

There was lively discussion and debate in relation to funding and support of ladies football in the county from the likes of Club Tyrone, sponsors and clubs while an increase in the annual contributions from clubs proposed by the County executive was defeated. There were several recommendations in relation to fixtures and other aspects of ladies football in the county, the need though for increased support by clubs of the county teams and the new Tyrone 300 draw that was launched was also called for by the chairman.

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