Want to be Part of our All Ireland Finals in Croke Park?

When every girl laces their boots up for the first time they do so with visions of getting the opportunity to run out into Croke Park to show off their skills. Well, here is the opportunity to make those dreams a reality!

Half time

We are looking for teams to take part in our TG4 All Ireland Finals half time exhibition games. If you have an Under 10 team or are part of a Gaelic4Mothers&Others squad and would like to play on the famous pitch then this is for you!

We also need ball girls to assist us during the All Ireland finals so if your Under 14 team want to perform one of the most important roles at the match then this is for you!

And not forgetting the officials, we need match officials at half time so we are searching for 3 Under 14 teams to officiate!

If you think your teams have what it takes to play in Croke Park on TG4 All Ireland Finals day then all you need to do is download the below form and return it to us fully filled out and with any supporting documentation to make your team stand out.

See you at the final!


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